The Rocky Balboa of college basketball

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This was the year I became a Butler University basketball fan. For me to become a fan of a non-Southern college sports team is quite out of character.
I was born and raised some 90 miles northeast of the University of Tennessee, and it is said that on a clear day during football season, you can hear the 109,000 Volunteer fans gathered at Neyland Stadium singing “Rocky Top.” I never heard them myself but somebody did say that once. Read More»

Spring cleaning

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Once again, the all too familiar scourge has descended upon this town, covering everything in a gritty yellow powder.

Yep, pollen season is upon us once again, and, pardon the pun, it’s nothing to sneeze at. Unlike other springs, though, somehow this year we went from winter straight into summer. Lucky for me, I was inside all last weekend cleaning out the basement. Yes, dear reader, it’s spring cleaning time.

The Wife and I have been in our house for almost five years now. I figured it was about to time to unpack the boxes in the basement. Read More»

Vote online to pay for more dump bags

I would like to take this opportunity to say how wonderful it was to read the story in last week’s Citizen about Mary Dewerff and her Dump Bag Project.

What a great idea! It’s always so refreshing to read positive stories about our local citizens making such a difference in the lives of others, especially our recuperating soldiers.

Thank you to all of the kind people involved in this project. I hope everyone will take a moment to vote for the Dump Bag Project at www.refresheverything.com, for their chance to receive funding for more dump bags. Read More»

Earwood: Great coach, great man

As most of your readers are aware, Coach Mike Earwood will be the new head football coach at Our Lady of Mercy after spending 12 seasons at the helm at Starr’s Mill, amassing an exceptional record of 90-48, a .652 winning percentage. My wife and I are just two of what I would guess would be hundreds of parents whose sons were fortunate to have played under his direction. Read More»

PTC Council mistaken not to approve sprinkler rule for new homes

The City Council showed their extreme shortsightedness and succumbed (read “caved-in”) to specious arguments by representatives of the local builders group in voting down, 4-1, the proposed ordinance which would have required sprinklers in all new, single family construction.

Only Councilwoman [Kim] Learnard displayed genuine concern for lives and property, for which great thanks are owed for her courage. (The ordinance would have also required installation in instances of remodeling greater than 50 percent of the home value). Read More»

An open letter to my children: I’m sorry for mess we’ve left

I’m sorry.

I wish there was some way I could change it, but the truth is my generation has largely destroyed your inheritance. We were given an awesome gift from God to have been born in the greatest nation the world has ever seen, and we are turning over to you damaged goods, maybe beyond repair. Read More»

ObamaCare’s individual mandate likely to be found unconstitutional

As of this writing, 14 states have joined in the lawsuit headed by Attorney General Bill McCollum of Florida suing the federal government’s recent healthcare law, stating that it violates the Commerce Clause, forces states to cover programs they can’t afford, and forces every American to purchase healthcare insurance. Some pundits say that the Supreme Court will not overturn the law, but they have overturned similar laws, and all hope is not lost. Read More»

Look up ‘radical’: You’ll find picture of President Obama

Did you ever wonder what a real home grown radical looks like? If not, just take a good look at our president.

This guy has been in office for only about 15 months and already, he’s made more left turns than a NASCAR Chevy on Sunday.

Some people thought Bill Clinton was a radical. Barack Obama makes Bill Clinton look like a Reagan Republican. Read More»

Socialism: Power to the autocrats

Let me just begin by stating the obvious. Socialism has never worked in any society that desires to be prosperous and free. Time after time governments, nations, and cultures have tried to be successful in implementing a utopian socialistic society where everyone is taken care of and no one goes without.

It has failed miserably everywhere it has been tried. There is either not enough money or free goods to sustain the needs of the needy or too many freedoms are lost in order to make the people comply and they rebel. Read More»

Some ideas about filling up empty storefronts

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We are a nation of problem-solvers. Left or right, black or white, when presented with problems — at home, work or play — we figure out a solution. Well, we have a problem, and it actually might be numerous problems. Read More»