Maybe this time, I’ll keep up with my pants

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We’re on the countdown to another wedding, and I look forward to being father of the bride while also performing the wedding ceremony. We had our first family wedding in November, 2008, when my second-born daughter wed at University of Georgia chapel in Athens. It was a beautiful event, and she was a gorgeous bride.

My youngest daughter marries in May, and hopefully I’ll be a little more relaxed this time. I thought I was handling things pretty well, but the morning of the wedding, my stress started showing. Read More»

40 years later

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It was 40 years ago, Friday, Feb. 13, 1970, that I arrived at Parris Island, South Carolina at “zero dark-thirty” a.m. I’d like to say that I was motivated to enlist by intense patriotism during a time of war, but the simple truth is less honorable. Read More»

Mad, mad, mad

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Heavy weekend snowfall closed down the capital of the United States. Not that many outside the Washington Beltway were sorry about it. Possibly — by their reasoning — the blizzard was God’s gift to decent government, a holiday from the ceaseless commotion, braggadocio and show-offing that have become the capital’s principle pastimes.

Did Sarah Palin bring down the house in Nashville, Tenn., at the big tea party bash and the next day at a Rick Perry rally in Texas? By virtue of her considered views on Federal Reserve reform or transportation policy? Read More»

Not so happy Valentine’s Days

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I’ve learned many life lessons during my 51-plus years on this spinning blue orb. Some have been easy to learn, some have been very difficult, and there are still a few I’ve yet to master. Knowing the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day is at the top of my “yet to be mastered” list.

To say that I’ve made mistakes about how I’ve celebrated this special day of love would be an understatement. I’ve made some colossal blunders that will live in infamy. To help save the rest of you Neanderthals out there (and your relationships) from going down in flames, I’ve listed but a few below. Read More»

The fallacy of “Fairness”

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Most of us want to be fair, in the sense of treating everyone equally. We want laws to be applied the same to everyone. We want educational, economic or other criteria for rewards to be the same as well.

But this concept of fairness is not only different from prevailing ideas of fairness among many of the intelligentsia, it contradicts their idea of fairness. Read More»

Black opportunity destruction

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“Do you mean he is taller than me am?” sarcastically barked Dr. Martin Rosenberg, my high school English teacher, to one of the students in our class.

The student actually said, “He is taller than me,” but Rosenberg was ridiculing the student’s grammar. The subject of the elliptical (or understood) verb “am” must be in the subjective case. Thus, the correct form of the sentence is: He is taller than I.

This correction/dressing down of a student, that occasionally included me, occurred during my attendance at North Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin High School in the early ‘50s. Read More»

Taxing history’s unlearned lessons

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“What experience and history teach is this — that people and governments never have learned anything from history, or acted on principles deduced from it.” (Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, “The Philosophy of History,” 1837)

Last week, the Newark Star-Ledger reported that New Jersey lost $70 billion in wealth over the past five years. The reason? Affluent people have moved to states with a lower tax rate or no income tax at all. Read More»

Some local history is in foreclosure

The only meeting facility in the city of Fayetteville that is charming and historical, the Hollingsworth House, is now in foreclosure.

Yes, a part of our history is not just facing lean times, but the house is in doubt of serving the community as it has for the past 100 years.

One Waymon Boozer Hollingsworth was born in 1872 and came to Fayetteville in 1890 as a telegrapher with Southern Railroad. He married Irene Felker of Monroe in 1904 and they built this home in Fayetteville in 1906. Read More»

Times are tough — governments need to check their priorities

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When times get tough, you had better check your priorities.

When you view our economic crisis through the prism of what is truly important to our country, a lot of things can be thrown out while we should be truly fighting for others to remain.

The recent elections across the country are really about lost priorities. The senatorial race in Massachusetts was a resounding call for a federal realignment of priorities on a number of issues. Read More»

General Assembly going for smoke and mirrors to fix budget woes

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By E. Frank Stephenson

The General Assembly convened this year facing the daunting challenge of closing a billion-dollar budget hole, partly caused by the slumping economy and the consequent decrease in tax revenues.

Few, if any, forecasters or policy-makers foresaw a recession or revenue decline this sharp. Feckless Washington policy-makers have exacerbated the problem by creating an uncertain investment climate for families and entrepreneurs. Read More»

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