Global warming is a religion

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Manmade global warming, for many, is an Earth-worshipping religion.

The essential feature of any religion is that its pronouncements are to be accepted on the basis of faith as opposed to hard evidence. Questioning those pronouncements makes one a sinner.

No one denies that the Earth’s temperature changes. Millions of years ago, much of our planet was covered by ice, at some places up to a mile thick, a period some scientists call “Snowball Earth.” Read More»

Hard Winter for Critters

Fond as I am of the little people who are truly our closest neighbors – the occasional field mouse or wood rat, even the chipmunks, squirrels, and birds – sometimes they try my patience.

Case in point. I plant my kitchen herb garden in a clay window box, actually a faded red plastic box on the deck with a few herbs like parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

(I’ve always wanted to use that particular grouping for the sheer romance of it.) Read More»

FreeSpeech for 01-13-10

Just over two months ago the voters of Peachtree City decided they wanted to carry on the theme of “change” and elected what was certainly to be a new and improved City Council. After just one meeting of the new council, it’s apparent that they have every intention of keeping their campaign promises of taking Peachtree City back to the good old days, when Kmart reigned supreme as the only big box in town and there were no traffic lights for miles and miles on the city’s highways. Mayor Haddix has an agenda, and he doesn’t want to hear any more from the citizens; he has heard enough. Read More»

Pedestrian crossing lights mostly a waste

In these trying times, it’s easy to see how wasteful our federal government can be, and what poor stewards they are of our money. Unfortunately it’s not only the federal government that’s out of control, but our local government and leaders are as well.

Last month a set of pedestrian crossing lights were installed on the corner of Kenwood Road and Ga. Highway 314. The project lasted all month. Read More»

Solve 1 eco-problem, create bigger mess

Madness, it’s all madness. We are being inundated with all sorts of advertisements regarding another of the global warming hoax problems. All of the products we are developing now to solve the nonexistent global warming problem cause other kinds of problems. Read More»

Get ready for constitutional throwdown on healthcare legislation

As Congress works behind closed doors to merge the House and Senate healthcare bills, lawyers and attorneys general across the country are gearing up for a constitutional throw-down. At the center of the healthcare debate are two issues, the individual mandate and the Senate sweetheart deals.

The first issue up that the Supreme Court will most likely be asked to rule on is whether the Commerce clause gives Congress the authority to force an individual to purchase health insurance. Read More»

Do-gooder government, unintended results

Two letters on this page take the cap off my own lengthy simmerings on these two related matters.

The first is a super-expensive solution to a limited problem: pedestrians crossing state highway intersections.

These ubiquitous crossing signals with their countdown blinkers are showing up everywhere — except some obvious places they are actually needed. Read More»

Highlights of 2009

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The year 2009 gave us the nation’s first African-American president, more failing economy, healthcare legislation, and the continuation of two wars.

President Obama promised us “Change we can believe in,” but that ended up becoming one of the fastest dying campaign slogans of all time. The new pitch phrase might be, “The ACORN didn’t fall far from the President’s tree,” just ask Brian Lamb, CEO of C-Span. Read More»

President Obama needs to learn about ‘the real world’

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BY Rep. Lynn Westmoreland
President Obama could learn a lesson or two from the lyrics of my favorite country music singer, Coweta County native Alan Jackson.

In Jackson’s “Here In the Real World,” he sings sadly about how life doesn’t always turn out how you’d hoped, like it does in the movies.

On the silver screen, the song lyrics state, “Cowboys don’t cry and heroes don’t die. And good always wins again and again.” Read More»

Something about that name . . .

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The secular left — and some self-described Christians — criticize Brit Hume, the Fox News commentator, for suggesting that the solution to Tiger Woods’ problems is a relationship with Jesus Christ. Hume made his remarks on “Fox News Sunday.” Disclosure: I also appear on Fox News.

Hume said, “My message to Tiger would be: Tiger, turn to the Christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world.” Read More»

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