Global warming update

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John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, in an hour-long television documentary titled “Global Warming: The Other Side,” presents evidence that our National Climatic Data Center has been manipulating weather data just as the now disgraced and under investigation British University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit. Read More»

PTC budget crunch: Take these steps

Peachtree City’s budget dilemma isn’t new, nor is it unique, but we could be unique if we decide to actually do something about it.

Previous administrations may well have seen this coming, but they elected to roll the dice in hopes of better economic times. Those who “buried their heads in the sand” may even have known that these good economic times would have hidden the problems from view to all but the most astute. Read More»

Paquin’s tax solution same old class warfare

I have read and enjoyed Claude Paquin articles in the past, but his last article (”Some bold tax suggestions for legislators”) disappoints.

He begins by giving three choices to balance the state budget: reduce expenses, increase revenues or a little of both, but he focuses entirely on increasing revenues.

This tells me that he believes that government should always have the money it deems necessary to achieve its goals. Read More»

It’s Westmoreland who doesn’t ‘get it’

I believe that Rep. Lynn Westmoreland’s trashing of the President was totally uncalled for. It is Westmoreland who doesn’t “get it.”

President Obama inherited all the mess from Bush, now the Republicans are trying to pass the blame to Obama.

I don’t agree with all in the healthcare bill, either. However, something must be done to control the healthcare costs. Instead of calling names, a child’s tactic, try sitting down and talking about how to make it better. Read More»

PTC Girl Scout Troop urges recycling

Ever found a place in nature that made you just drink in the beauty of the natural world? Ever stopped to wonder how many of these special places exist in our rapidly industrializing surroundings? Ever thought of the water, mucky and contaminated, that used to be crystal clear?

According to the Utah State Recycling Center, recycling one ton of paper saves 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water, 380 gallons of oil, and 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space. Read More»

Make all cellphones hands-free, ban texting

In last week’s edition, you included a letter from a driver who had experienced a crash due to another driver using a cellphone while driving.

The following day there was news on the radio that “There was no evidence that cellphone use while driving increased the risk of a traffic accident.”

That was patently rubbish. I stood at an traffic light intersection in Atlanta last week and had to wait while the traffic released from the light at the previous intersection passed my position. Read More»

Columnist Williams omitted Haitian history

In a recent editorial, Professor Walter E. Williams states that the reason why natural disasters take fewer lives in this country is because we have greater wealth and that Haiti is suffering from self-inflicted poverty. Please allow this 55-year-old educated black American to share with your many readers some little-known history about Haiti and France that the professor somehow conveniently omitted. Read More»

Gov. Perdue’s legacy is on the line

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Education and transportation are high priorities with the public and Governor Sonny Perdue should be disappointed in Georgia’s accomplishments in these two critical areas during his seven years in office.

There are two simple principles which apply to any meaningful remedy of these shortcomings.

First, improved student performance depends on attracting better teachers. Second, metro area traffic problems can best be solved by building more roads in the right places. Read More»

PTC schools getting shortchanged

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I am the chairman of the school council for J.C. Booth Middle School in Peachtree City. So what is a school council?

Every public school in the state is required by state law to have a school council consisting of the school principal, parents of students enrolled in the school, members of the business community, certified teachers and students. Read More»

Changes allow high school students to move on to college when ready

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This past week the Georgia Department of Education approved new regulations that will change the way students transition from high school to college. The process is now easier than ever for motivated high school students to take one or more college courses that count towards their high school graduation requirements. Read More»

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