A nation numbed by Mammon

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This column is intended mainly for the “Christian nation.” Some who do not subscribe to the Christian belief system and world-view, and some who do, may find what follows a waste of their time. Read More»

Week 7 legislative update: Crossover Day coming soon

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This past week the Georgia General Assembly convened for legislative days 25-27. With cross-over day (Day 30) looming, committee activity was incredibly busy this week with members seeking to move legislation to the Consideration Calendar to ensure it is eligible for consideration by the whole House on or before Day 30, the last day for consideration of House bills. Read More»

Inside school system promotion would be bad for taxpayers

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I wish we had a sunscreen to prevent the harmful actions of government from burning us.

At a recent public meeting, a local citizen actually stated she thought the Fayette County Board of Education (FCBOE) had done a wonderful job with the school system’s finances. Her remarks were part of a scheme to cozen the public into accepting the concept of promoting a current administration insider to the post of school superintendent. I was truly amazed that anyone could make such a pronouncement with a straight face. Read More»

The moral of the story

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During those gray, cloud-filled days, figuratively and literally, I wasn’t exactly imprisoned but two years of consented captivity in the unfamiliar North was one of the greatest burdens my Southern soul has ever carried.

In those troubled days, there was little relief, it seemed. From early November until late March, the sun seldom smiled, the wind always chilled and the snow often fell. Read More»

Pfeifer: Brown wrong, never for mass transit

This is a response to Steve Brown’s article in last week’s Citizen.

I did recently call Mr. Brown, and left him a message on his answering machine after a previous column. That was to correct his statements about which commissioners are up for re-election this year. Lee Hearn is not.

I think that this latest column requires this written response because I am named specifically and I don’t want false information about me out in public without making an effort to correct it. Read More»

Possible solution to Fayette tax shortages

Let’s not worry about raising taxes, but let’s go back to the voters and give them the option of changing how our educational SPLOST funds are to be spent.

Technology is great, but with a few changes we can solve our county’s problems for the next few years. No one could have guessed what our country, state, and county have had to go through.

I suggest we reallocate the SPLOST funds into three areas for the next two years. After two years, it goes back to what it was until it expires. Read More»

PTC budget and tax increases: Taxpayers already doing more

I am writing in response to Peachtree City budget discussions as reported by The Citizen on March 17, 2010. Once again, I find myself in need of publicly thanking [Councilman] Eric Imker for his depth of thought and clarity of proposed action in relation to Fiscal Year 2011 budget planning. To his credit, Mr. Imker came to the table armed with credible analysis and insights that he had developed on his own, with input from citizen discussions. Read More»

Mayor, Council need to do more to grow new business revenue

Since the beginning of 2010 with new Mayor Don Haddix and City Council members coming on board, I have been listening to and reading their statements, as well as observing their actions.

Peachtree City’s budget continues to shrink as existing revenue sources decline or are eliminated completely (i.e., SPLOST). It appears that Mayor Haddix’s and the City Council’s efforts to date have been primarily focused on how to cut expenses (mainly services) and possibly raise taxes to balance Peachtree City’s budget. Read More»

Mary’s cultural holidays

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You stop me in the street, at church and Kroger, even at Curves, and tell me what you like about this column, in no particular order:
One favorite subject is our daughter Mary describing her life as a pianist at the Duesseldorf Opera:

Mary speaks: My neighbor [whom I named Heinrich] never got any further than the grass and circle of bushes that you saw. The remains of a long firecracker lay there for two months. I could never figure out why it took someone until March to remove it. Read More»

PTC Info & Issues - March 22

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Lots going on or on the horizon in Peachtree City this week - leash laws, cell towers, transportation plans, and more!

Leash Law & Cell Towers Workshop April 12 – Council will hold a workshop to continue discussions on potential changes to Peachtree City’s leash law (including possible elimination of the “voice command” option and restrictions on unattended tethering of dogs) Read More»

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