Local government employees and the rest of us

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I admit: When I heard Peachtree City Fire Chief Ed Eiswerth use the phrase,”Don’t balance the budget on the backs of the employees,” yet again in the closing minutes of the City Council’s Saturday retreat session, I was steamed enough to yell at the streaming video:

“So, you want to balance it on my back instead?” Read More»

PTC employees are not widgets

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I have not met nearly all the people employed by Peachtree City, but those I do know care deeply about their job and wear a bit of pride on their sleeve for their role in a city they believe is special. I believe that, too, and I also believe we are making a double-dip mistake in the public discourse about staff cuts to solve our budget crisis. Read More»

Has PTC kicked bigger problem down road?

Police and fire may well escape cuts this year, but what about over the next three years? Has someone actually forecasted an end to our economic dilemma?

Taking another $86,000 from reserves, bringing the total to nearly half a million dollars from reserves to balance this year’s budget, are we avoiding the inevitable? Read More»

PTC, let council know what you value here

The retreat this past weekend was very informative. If you have not had a chance to view it, go to www.peachtree-city.org and see the video. Our city staff did an excellent job of presenting their accomplishments over the last year and what they foresee as their focus for next year. I was especially educated in the areas of stormwater and road repair/maintenance. Read More»

Light rail: Always cost overruns, underused

Recently, The Citizen published a letter from state Representative Virgil Fludd regarding Georgia’s transportation issues. Mr. Fludd took the opportunity to propose yet another expensive boondoggle that only government can suggest.

Albert Einstein is credited with defining insanity as doing the same things over and over again while expecting different results. Clearly, anyone who has studied the history of light rail understands this is insanity. Read More»

School administrators have shared the pain

Recently there has been a lot of concern about our excellent Fayette County schools, given the dire economy and the impact it has on our school system. As the spouse of a front-line teacher, the father of a student, and an advocate for our schools, I too am very concerned.

Mr. Ralph Trapaga, a Delta pilot, is worried that Dr. DeCotis has not “done the right thing” and shared the pain of our front-line teachers and their families but instead has hidden behind his contract and taken “full pay until the last day.” Read More»

Board member Marion Key makes dialogue easy

I would like to extend a sincere thank you to my Fayette County School Board representative, Marion Key.

When news of the search for a new superintendent of schools came out, Marion agreed to sit down with several concerned parents in our community, hear our concerns, and answer questions as best she could. She was able to meet with us on a very short notice.

She explained the many possibilities involving public input, a contracted search firm, qualifications, and timeframe. Read More»

State revenue collection rates worst since Depression

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This past week the legislature reconvened for legislative days 21-24 after being in recess for two weeks of budget hearings. It was a busy week both on the floor of the House and in committee rooms all around the Capitol. Read More»

Camp Ivy for kids needs help

I would appreciate very much anyone contacting me if they have some good information that we need.

For 31 years we have rented Calvin Center in Hampton, Ga., to host our camp for children with the chronic disease, Type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetes. We will not be able to go back there this year. Read More»

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