PTC accumulated debt requires SPLOST fix

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The City Council is moving forward on a number of fronts to resolve a variety of needs and concerns facing Peachtree City. A lot of issues have been ignored and postponed that can no longer be neglected.

Until Councilman Doug Sturbaum and I began addressing the issues of funding in recreation about a million dollars of taxpayer funds were being spent each year that should not have been spent. The tennis center operations have been moved from the red to the black and The Fred should progress to about break-even this year. Read More»

Tax bill is needed to preserve Ga.’s hospitals

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By Sen. Ronnie Chance and Rep. Matt Ramsey

Thank you for the opportunity to provide additional information on HB 307, critical legislation aimed at shoring up our state’s healthcare system.

There is a great deal of misunderstanding and misinformation surrounding this measure, largely due to election year rhetoric, and we hope to provide some clarity regarding the specifics of this bill. Read More»

Local churches resurrect cooperative community service activities

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Back in 2004, we began a city program in Peachtree City called “Community Action Day.” The notion of using the city as a conduit, connecting churches, civic groups and private businesses, to aid residents in need proved to work incredibly well (archive.thecitizen.com/archive/main/archive-040507/news/ptc-08.html). Read More»

Keepsakes live long in family Bible

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At a cafe in Biloxi, Miss., friends and I were chatting over coffee when we were joined by a man who is a business associate of one of my friends who was sitting at the table.

He pulled up a chair, plopped down and launched fast-paced into conversation. He was straight-forward, minced no words and softened no opinion.

He is a Yankee.

“Damn Yankee,” he corrected me. “That’s what I am.” His blue eyes locked mine with a steely look that bored deeply. “Do you know the difference between a plain Yankee and a damn Yankee?”

I nodded and smiled. “You’ve come South to stay.” Read More»

Obama: Gas us with no fear of nukes

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If any nation wants to attack the United States with chemical, biological or electromagnetic pulse weapons, it need not fear nuclear retaliation as long as it has no nuclear weapons and abides by the Non-Proliferation Treaty, Obama has announced.

So, as New Yorkers are coughing their lungs out from mustard gas or dying in the streets of biological weapons, they will know that their government will not use nuclear weapons to retaliate against their murderers. Read More»

Our country is honored to have servants like Lt. Robert Collins

How many of us spent this past weekend building memories with our children? I had the pleasure of practicing baseball with my 12-year-old son on Saturday morning. I was in heaven while my 9-year-old daughter sat with me at Starbuck’s during our weekly bonding session.

She is adamant about preparing my coffee just right. She then proceeds to read me the differences in taste and boldness that describe each type of coffee in the Starbuck’s promotional book. How could life be any better? Read More»

Teachers: Holocaust butterflies a symbol

This is our one-time response to the Rising Starr Middle School parent who wrote in on March 31. Hopefully, it will clarify any misconceptions about the Holocaust butterfly assignment.

Georgia Performance Standards mandate the teaching of the Holocaust. 1.6 million children were killed by the Nazi regime during the Holocaust. The sheer number of children who died is a difficult concept for anyone to comprehend. Read More»

Freedom vs. Obama’s ‘spreading the wealth’

My name is Michelle Fallon and I am 13 years old. I attend Trinity Christian School and am in seventh grade. My mom, Cindy Fallon, is the president of the South Atlanta TEA Party. She is continually trying to educate me on the history of our country, and the countries that have come before ours.

I was sitting in history class one day and we were talking about the differences between the American War for Independence and the French Revolution. Read More»

Dangerous intersection on Hwy. 92 at Chanticleer must be fixed

Cutbacks are an obvious reality and a necessary answer to many of the problems brought about by an economic recession. However, there is one thing that overwhelmingly trumps any amount on a price tag at the end of the day: safety.

On the southside of Fayette County at the intersection of Ga. Highway 92, Chanticleer’s Marion Boulevard and Kingswood Way, a very real problem exists that jeopardizes every citizen’s most valuable possession, their lives. Read More»

PTC must do more to silence loud CSX freight trains on 74

I moved to Peachtree City back in June of 2008. I chose Peachtree City for the great living in the overall peacefulness of the area. I purchased my home in the Cedarcroft subdivision knowing my home would be right next to the CSX railroad track.

But also knowing that there were no railroad crossings in the area, I thought there would be no horn sounds. Boy, was I wrong. Read More»

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