Obama’s Cairo speech, 1 year later: Middle East worse

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One year ago this month, President Obama addressed the “Muslim world” from Cairo, Egypt. Some saw that speech as unnecessary groveling.

Critics — and I am among them — think such displays communicate weakness and only encourage those who wish to damage our economy and kill our people.

Supporters of the president’s speech think he did the right thing and that his attempt to reduce tensions between the U.S. and Muslim world can only bring positive results. Read More»

A lesson in dying well

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Too often in recent times, death has visited itself upon my family, its intrusion bitterly unwelcome.

When my cousin Jacky, one of the younger members of our sprawling clan, received his personalized calling card to meet the Lord, we all discovered something that we never imagined was possible – happiness in death. His dying, in fact, was pure joy. Read More»

Introduce your child to ‘John Adams’

Parents and grandparents, the HBO seven-episode series “John Adams” is an outstanding story of a key founding father, with the background of the conflict with the British, the Revolution and the founding of our country.

This story is told with production values through the roof, a gift to every American in my view, and every adult should watch it. It is a gripping story of the life of one imperfect lawyer and farmer, the impact he had on our country, and how he would never have achieved much without his best friend and confidant, his wife Abigail. Read More»

S. Atlanta Tea Party: No endorsements

As members of the South Atlanta Tea Party Board of Directors (SATP), we want to say how grateful and proud each of us is to be able to work within this patriotic organization. It is our goal locally, as well as nationally, to promote forums, discussions, and events that bring candidates into focus for you, the American voter. We believe that an informed electorate will make informed choices. Read More»

A Tea Party member gives inside viewpoint

I am a supporter of the South Atlanta Tea Party Patriots and felt obliged to respond to some of the statements made by Timothy Parker in the June 9 issue of The Citizen.

Mr. Parker’s overall complaint is that Tea Partiers are nothing but sloganeers that distribute pamphlets that don’t give detailed explanations of their views to get you to join and help vote out Democrats. Read More»

County Commission Chairman Jack Smith takes aim at Brown

I am Jack Smith, your Fayette County Commission chairman and a certified public accountant. I am running for re-election to Post 4 (an at-large seat) in the July 20 Republican primary election, and I ask for your vote and support.

Your vote for me can be cast now in early voting or on July 20th — either way it is a vote for sanity in managing your tax resources.

There are four groups of people who may read this letter:

1. Those who know me and know I have selflessly performed a lifetime of honest, ethical, trustworthy and dedicated service to the community; Read More»

Steve Brown has fought to check local government abuse here

The sad reality is that “politics” is a part of public government, which is a part of our existence. The other side of the coin, however, is that people all across the country are getting very tired of all the politicians who totally ignore their constituents.

Incumbents are falling like flies because they don’t have what it takes to stand for what the people want. Fortunately, there have also been (and are now) men and women who stand on the front line to make things better. Read More»

Summer drivers, put down the cellphones, buckle up in the trucks

Just in time to save lives during the busy summer holiday travel period, Governor Sonny Perdue has signed three highway safety measures that will become the rules of the road on Georgia’s streets and interstates: the teen cell phone use while driving ban, the all driver texting while driving ban, and the pickup truck safety belt law. Read More»

Peachtree City UPDATES - Senior Apartments, Walgreen's, Budget, and more.

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June 14 - Another busy week ahead, with a Planning Commission meeting tonight, Council Budget workshop tomorrow night, and the regular Council meeting Thursday.

Planning Commission meeting tonight Read More»

Reminder: Peachtree City Town Hall Budget Meeting tomorrow

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Where should Peachtree City spend (or not) your tax dollars next year? There will be a Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, June 10, 6:30 p.m., at City Hall for residents to ask questions and provide input as Council and staff put together the FY 2011 budget. Read More»

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