TDK Extension, W. F’ville Bypass similar examples of deception

Do you remember when the TDK Extension was touted to be an answer to traffic congestion in Peachtree City?

The West Fayetteville Bypass has been touted to be an answer to traffic congestion by some of the very same people who wanted the TDK Extension.

Just like the mega developments on the Coweta County side of the TDK Extension, there are more than several large developments connected to open land along the West Fayetteville Bypass.

Among others, one of the major developers owning land along the West Bypass is John Wieland. Read More»

Dufresne’s personal attack fails on issues

John Dufresne’s letter in the paper on June 2 was very distressing, not because of the unsubstantiated allegations, but because he would even write it and The Citizen publish it. Mr. Dufresne’s letter is a personal attack on someone he has personal dislike for and fails to address any of the serious issues facing the county at this time.

For those new to the city, let me give you a little history. In 2001, Steve Brown, after years as a “gadfly” addressing issues of importance in Peachtree City, was encouraged by people concerned about the developer-centric government to run for mayor. Read More»

The thing about Brown: He’s most often right

Who is Steve Brown, former Peachtree City mayor and current Post 4 candidate for county commissioner? Some people attempt to cast him as a villain, while others laud his stand on contentious issues, Let’s explore two of them.

If it’s easy to find stories about Steve Brown (which it is), it’s even easier to find newspaper articles by Steve. And while you may not agree with all his positions, even his greatest detractors would have to concede that he thoroughly researches his subjects, which is particularly refreshing in an era of politicians who don’t even read measures they vote for. Read More»

Brown, McCarty will take Fayette back from ‘good old boy developer crowd’

You know Steve Brown is the right choice in the July 20 County Commission election because his opponent can’t stick to the issues. The other side just keeps trying to smear him in the newspaper.

I have lived in Fayette County for many years and watched Steve Brown from the start.

It’s obvious the good old boy developer crowd is afraid of Mr. Brown. And while Mr. Brown keeps stating the facts and speaking directly to the issues, the other side keeps attacking him. Read More»

Direct PAC’s Dufresne recycles personal attacks

Around five weeks ago, in my first campaign letter to the editor, I wrote, “Remember, the incumbent’s supporters will throw out lots of personal attacks, but it will not matter. The facts are against them.” Well, that statement certainly rang true last week.

Letter writer John Dufresne let go with a torrent of accusations that made most people cringe. Read More»

Does anyone besides commissioners want West F’ville Bypass?

I attended the town hall meeting at Christ’s Church [May 24]. This was designed to acquaint the citizens with and address questions to the Republican candidates running for Fayette County commissioner. All four candidates attended, and other attendees were told they would be given time to ask questions to the candidate of their choice.

In terms of questions asked, the West Fayetteville Bypass was the hottest issue. Candidate Steve Brown has written articles in opposition to the project for some time. Read More»

Lambert: There’s another side to Bartley’s house accusations

I don’t intend to get into a name-calling contest with Bob Bartley, but I do think I am entitled to write this rebuttal in defense of my good name.

First of all, I am not the owner and never have been the owner of the home on Wexford Way. My wife’s mother continued to maintain the home, complete with all furnishings, as a secondary residence after she remarried. She planned to return to her home on Wexford Way if her elderly husband predeceased her. Read More»

Examining Tea Party’s basic platform raises even more questions

At the Constitutional Convention one of the Founding Fathers (I forget who) was quoted as saying: “It is easier to inflame than inform.” The more I see, and the more I read, and the more I understand, the Tea Party movement has dedicated itself to this easier route. In this, and undoubtedly helped by these wonderful times, the movement so far has been effective. Read More»

FreeSpeech for 06-09-10

[What do you really think? Email us your pithy opinions, your short takes on life in Fayette and environs, your gotta-get-it-off-your-chest questions or sound-offs. Emails only to editor@TheCitizen.com. Put Free Speech in your subject line and include your contribution as the body text of your email. No signature required. No phone calls, faxes or snail-mail letters, please. No personal attacks on private persons, but just about any aspect of public life is fair game.] Read More»

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