Maxwell mocks goats, but what has he done for environment?

It was awful to see the name calling in Commissioner Eric Maxwell’s letter. He referred to Steve Brown and Harold Bost as “despised and disgraced” but he failed to discuss any of the relevant issues most of us are concerned about. Unfortunately, Commissioner Maxwell is degrading the level of decorum in this election with name-calling and innuendo. Read More»

Smola and Smith ‘build empty schools,’ buy unneeded land

I’m fed up with the scheming by some of our elected officials. It’s easy to know who should get the vote in this upcoming July election. Just watch for the ones who would rather sling mud than address the real issues.

Two people who have seriously concentrated on the issues are Bob Todd for the Board of Education and Steve Brown for the County Commission. Their political adversaries seem to relish the art of personal attacks because they don’t have any intelligent positions of their own. Read More»

Don’t ‘coddle’ vacant owners

Since Mr. Clell Lambert of Peninsula Drive has commented on the Peachtree City proposed ordinance regarding vacant homes, I would like to make a statement to say what happens when you live next to a vacant home for 15 years.

Mr. Lambert states that a $200 fee to register a vacant home is “excessive.” I’ll tell you what’s excessive, Mr. Lambert. Read More»

Mandating number of pets allowed: County ire is misplaced

In response to the allegations against Joyce Woodall and her Love A Pet rescue: In a time when our country is in turmoil, unemployment and foreclosures are at an all-time high, businesses are closing everywhere you look, don’t our elected officials have more important issues than to go after a woman who only does good things for her community? Read More»

Surprise: Tea Party is about promoting ‘churches and the Bible’?

The Citizen’s Page A12 contained the article: “Tea party holds pastors breakfast.” The subject didn’t seem that strange to me. After all, we look for our political allies where we can and it’s no secret most Tea Partiers are Republican and less of a secret the Republicans are beholden to conservative religious whackos. Read More»

It is (and isn't) about you

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Graduation ceremonies are boring.

They often require one to sit in uncomfortable seats, wearing uncomfortable clothes either outside in oppressive heat or humidity (Friday’s high, 86 degrees) or in a room that quickly closes in with the dull roar (and aroma) of a crowd of people. Read More»

Religious freedom returns to Phoenix

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In June of last year, as I reported in this column at the time, a Phoenix, Ariz., bishop received a suspended sentence of 10 days in jail and three years probation for violating a Phoenix noise ordinance because his church rang its bells hourly as a way of praising God. Bishop Rick Painter of the Cathedral of Christ the King (a man with whom I am personally acquainted) retained attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund to pursue legal options to defend his rights. Read More»

Vacation observations

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After four days in Savannah, I learned many things. Spending time together is the most important thing you can do for the relationship with the one you love. And four days in Savannah is simply not enough time spent in this wonderful city. Read More»

Help welcome Home Lt. Dan Berschinski on Memorial Day Weekend

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All of Fayette County is invited to help welcome Lt. Dan Berschinski home on Saturday, May 29. Read More»

Essay winner: What I learned from my sister about serving others

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[Editor’s note: The following essay by Brittany Butler was the J.C. Booth Middle School seventh-grade first-place winner in the Peachtree City Rotary Club’s “Laws of Life” student essay contest. Not long after she wrote and submitted this essay, Brittany’s sister drowned in a tragic swimming pool accident in Florida.]

Everyone has their own set of laws for living life, but how we understand them and what we do with them makes them special. I got mine two months before my third birthday. My little sister was born. Read More»