School board has used new schools as ‘battering ram’ to land use plan

Controversy about the last school board building program continues with issues related to the placement and number of schools being constructed.

First, board records (CitiGroup Prospectus 2005) show that the system administration and school board were planning to build schools with a capacity of 3,000 more students than would be enrolled.

That number is equal to three elementary schools and one middle school. This means that the cost to operate these schools is paid entirely by local taxpayers. Read More»

Todd’s cost-savings equal bigger class sizes

Last week, Dr. Bob Todd, a sitting school board member, gave us his observations regarding our school system’s financial position, his speculation of cause, and a general promise to fight the people and policies that have resulted in one of the top school systems in the state. Read More»

Sullivan loses credibility with false statements

Mr. Neil Sullivan is attributing to Dr. Bob Todd statements he did not make. Dr. Todd did not criticize student, teacher, or staff performance. He has made it clear that system quality will decline unless it more efficiently manages its financial resources.

Mr. Sullivan should stop trying to shift the focus from the real issues of over-building schools and spending millions of dollars on land that is not needed. Read More»

Here’s idea for BP: Use a giant concrete funnel

Day 71 ... The Plight of the Pelican ... The Mess in the Marshes ... The Tarring of the Turtles ... Have you sent your idea to stop the oil spill to BP yet? I have, but they never acknowledged receiving it, so, allow me to present it to you: Read More»

New grad praises F’ville Citizens’ Police Academy

I attended this 12-week class after seeing it advertised in The Citizen back in March. This was so amazing. I learned so much and I loved the hands-on interaction like shooting simulation and self-defense.

The top notch instructors at Fayetteville Police Department made each class session very interesting.

I would like to thank Chief [Steve] Heaton for allowing this valuable course to take place and Captain [Steve] Crawshaw for his overseeing of the course and his Oscar-winning performance each week.

What a valuable course and I would encourage everyone to sign up for it. Read More»

Smith is running out of bypass excuses; it’s developers, stupid

The incumbent commissioner Jack Smith is not going to run on his record of the last four years; that much is clear. Instead, he is trying his absolute best to paint an ugly picture of me, hoping you take the bait and forget about his dealings.

I am going to help the incumbent commissioner speed his task so that we can get on with a discussion of the issues that affect you as taxpayers the most. Read More»

Brown lacks ability to build good relationships with other officials

Among accomplishments of this county commission are empowering managers and directors to rapidly and efficiently deliver services and managing financial resources in these rough economic times. With passage of the new budget just last week, we have reduced the total county budget over seven million dollars and spent six million dollars less than the revenues received during those same three-plus years.

Savings were accomplished in four major areas: 1. Elimination of an insurance consultant and requiring proposals resulted in savings of near four hundred thousand dollars per year. Read More»

Peachtree City UPDATES Week of July 5 - Another Budget Workshop, Cell Towers, & Dragon Boats

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I hope everyone had a great Independence Day weekend. I certainly enjoyed the fireworks (but I missed the parade for the first time in 30 years). Read More»

Mary's summer plans

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Our German daughter Mary really wanted us to join her when she has vacation time this year. As it turns out, we ran into some staggering expenses and simply couldn’t afford it this year.

Among her suggestions for a shared vacation: Oaxaca, Mexico, where a medical group was soliciting for people to participate in studies, all expenses paid. We all but begged her not to apply – this was when drug violence was really flaring up in Mexico earlier this year – and were relieved beyond words when she wrote and said she missed the deadline. Read More»

The king (still) has no clothes

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The election of Barack Obama, and his presidency so far, have reminded me of “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” a story written in 1837 by Danish author and poet Hans Christian Andersen.

In that story a dishonest pair of weavers took advantage of the vanity of a king who cared for nothing but his wardrobe, telling him and his court that they could weave a fabric so fine it would be invisible to anyone who is unfit for his position or “just hopelessly stupid.”

I’m tempted to digress on a tie-in between “hopelessly stupid” and the voting public, but ... Read More»

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