Reminder: Peachtree City Town Hall Budget Meeting tomorrow

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Where should Peachtree City spend (or not) your tax dollars next year? There will be a Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, June 10, 6:30 p.m., at City Hall for residents to ask questions and provide input as Council and staff put together the FY 2011 budget. Read More»

Florida-born and pulling for BP

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In Pensacola, Fla., where I grew up, where the crystal white sand reflects the mid-day sun to make a glow along the beach you can see from the roadway even when the water is hidden by dunes, where the double-dose of sunlight will force your eyes to mere slits without sunglasses, where as a high school student I often swam to the offshore sand bar to snorkel at low tide, where turquoise is a special water color telling me the winds are onshore and the water calm and snorkel-friendly, where my siblings and 86-year-old mother still live, where I always drive to the beach when I visit family there Read More»

Obama slips us a timebomb

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Many Americans are still confused about how the federal healthcare law will affect them. That’s understandable. The bill tallied over 2,000 pages. And many of its provisions have not been vetted publicly.

For instance, most Americans probably haven’t heard of the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports or CLASS Act, which charters a new government-run long-term-care insurance plan. But this under-reported measure threatens to add billions to the federal deficit — and diminish Americans’ private insurance choices in the process. Read More»

Daddy’s lasting gift to me

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Often, I find myself thinking of the wisdom of my daddy. His observations and experiences continue to guide me daily 11 years after his departure from what he sometimes called, “this ol’ vale of tears and sorrow.”

I was probably 12 or so years old when I overheard him and Mama talking while sitting around the kitchen table, sipping on cups of coffee. It was a Saturday afternoon and Daddy had just come in from a hard day on the farm. He was talking about a newly purchased tractor and he kept using the pronoun “we” such as, “We brought the tractor,” “we thought it was a good buy,” etc. Read More»

Sallie sings different song now for Obama

Don’t you just love the optimistic and assuring words of Sally Satterthwaite? (“We’ll be back after this,” 6/2/10) My, my, how times have changed for the better.

Just a few short years ago when George Bush was President — the one who Ms. Satterthwaite said was the worst President ever — she agonized over the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the President’s insensitivity to the American public. Why, she even reasoned that his poor grammar surely had to be cause for alarm. One sensed that she was sincerely concerned over the fate of our republic and how we could ever possibly recover. Read More»

File 3 claims and lose your insurance

I think most readers will agree that understanding a policy of insurance is like walking through a swamp on a moonless night with a blindfold. Poor (or no) communication from an insurer just exacerbates an already challenging situation. Such is the case for my grievance with State Farm Insurance Company. Read More»

Braelinn remodeling: Why no covered walk?

I am amazed and disgusted at the architects and planners involved in the updating and remodeling of the Braelinn Kroger shopping center.

Was there no one involved with a little common sense?

Considering the intense sunshine during our long summer months and heavy rains all year, wouldn’t a covered walkway connecting the shops be a reasonable idea?

During bad weather many people just won’t bother to shop. I’m sure many of the small businesses are already struggling after the construction mess and continuing slow economy.

I’m sure it will be attractive, but not all change is good. Read More»

Thanks, John: Retiring Superintendent DeCotis a role model

Over 25 years ago when I first met you, I knew it was the continuation of a hugely successful career in Fayette County Schools for you.

A few months after taking over for the newly elected superintendent as principal of Huddleston Elementary, you were able to rally students, teachers, staff, and parents on your side, not an easy job coming in a couple months after school had already begun. Read More»

Ethics a challenge for officials

“Politicians and their cohorts are dangerous because you never know what their real motivations are,” said current Fayette County Commissioner Jack Smith at a recent political forum. He’s running for re-election and is being challenged by Steve Brown, who is well known for his strong stand on ethics.

I found Smith’s statement interesting for a couple of reasons. First, Smith is on the board of a local bank which works primarily with developers who obviously are in favor of the West and East Fayetteville bypass projects. Read More»

TDK Extension, W. F’ville Bypass similar examples of deception

Do you remember when the TDK Extension was touted to be an answer to traffic congestion in Peachtree City?

The West Fayetteville Bypass has been touted to be an answer to traffic congestion by some of the very same people who wanted the TDK Extension.

Just like the mega developments on the Coweta County side of the TDK Extension, there are more than several large developments connected to open land along the West Fayetteville Bypass.

Among others, one of the major developers owning land along the West Bypass is John Wieland. Read More»

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