Pfeifer: County could halt West Bypass today

I keep hearing, or seeing, statements from some writers or from some county commissioners and their staff about the SPLOST and the East and “West” bypasses.

These statements simply don’t make any sense. Here’s why.

We had a SPLOST adopted by the voters of Fayette County in 2003. There were many potential projects on the list for that SPLOST. The law says that SPLOST money can only be spent on projects that were on the list when the voters adopted the SPLOST. Read More»

Commissioner-elect Brown: Stop West Bypass, hold on to county cash

The letters to the editor in the local newspapers regarding government at all levels can best be described by the catch phrase from the Verizon cell phone commercials: “Can you hear me now?”

The establishment frontrunners at all levels are finding things out the hard way. Republican John Oxendine was leading all of the polls in the months heading into our gubernatorial primary election and he finished in the middle of the pack. Karen Handel leapt to the head of the line because she was viewed as an outsider, least affected by the influences of the non-caring establishment. Read More»

West Bypass controversy continues to simmer

The power of each and every vote was clearly demonstrated with the results of our July 20 Primary. With the West Bypass issue being the central point of contention, Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell were defeated in 80 percent of the precincts in Fayette County.

The precincts adjacent to and surrounding the West Bypass overwhelmingly voted against Smith, Maxwell and the West Bypass. That is understandable. Those folks have a stake in this issue and they have more than educated themselves. Read More»

To be fair, PTC must reopen the Cedarcroft/Hwy. 74 cart path

Last year at a Cedarcroft neighbors’ meeting with the builder, Ravin Homes, safety, vandalism and golf cart traffic issues were discussed. There were complaints from the people that live next to the cart paths, as their homes are built too close to them. The resolution was to close the golf cart paths that bring outside traffic to Walmart through our community and redirect the traffic outside of Cedarcroft. Read More»

McIntosh H.S. should make room for carts

It is not the fault of the students that not enough cart parking spaces have been provided on campus. These students are doing their part to conserve energy, by driving carts to school, instead of the family car.

In a regular automobile parking space, you could park two carts side by side. Or perhaps four carts, if all four were of the shorter, two-seat, type.

The students, last school term, did a fantastic job of parking double, along Prime Point; however, parking there is already overloaded on school days. Read More»

Good news: State tax collections are up

July state revenues were up 4.7 percent for the month, and it is hard to portray this as anything but good news. Unless there is an unknown amount of income tax refunds laying in wait, this is a solid month of growth at $1.147 billion in revenues, or about the 2006 level.

Individual income taxes came in at $540.6 million or up 3.6 percent. Sales taxes in total were up 3.0 percent or $818.5 million. Local sales tax distribution was off by -5.1 percent but state net sales taxes were up 2.4 percent or a total of $454.9 million for the month. Read More»

Have you heard about Obama’s bank?

I used to think that some people went into politics because they had a burning desire to serve the public and make a positive difference in our collective lives. What was I thinking?

It made me wonder, after watching all of the press last week about the estimated $3 million wedding of the Clintons’ daughter, just how much these people have given of themselves to the service of our country. Or is it, how much they have been able to enrich themselves because of their service to themselves? Read More»

Free Speech for 08-11-10

Can anyone explain why Fayette County would change the PSAT testing date from a Wednesday, Oct. 13 when they offered it to all students during school to a three-day holiday weekend Saturday, Oct. 16? Many students are still unaware of this new testing plan and as students are out on Friday they are taking advantage of the three days off.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Read More»

Airplanes and peaches

Sallie Satterthwaite's picture

“One day is just like another when you’re retired and it’s too hot to do anything outside.” Dave speaks from the couch, where he reads between naps. His daily outing is Driving Miss Sallie to work out at Curves, by golf cart.

So when he said he wanted to drive to a small airport about 25 miles south, I felt obliged to keep him company. After all, it was Saturday and I was tweaking the column I had started, due Friday. I was practically done. I could afford to take a break. Read More»

Peachtree City UPDATES - Week of August 9, 2010

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Cell towers back, Amphitheater Survey, Book Sale, Leadership Fayette, and more. Read More»