Questions, answers on school board issues

This is an email I sent to the Fayette County School Board. To date I have no response. I understand [School Board member Janet] Smola went all over Tyrone stating I was for closing the school. I believe a person with a little common sense would read this email and state that it is their responsibility, not my responsibility, to make decisions concerning the school system. Read More»

Do conservatives remember Bible’s commands about aliens?

Earlier this week PBS radio ran a piece about the shortage of migrant farm workers in Georgia. This morning a follow-up news item was aired underscoring this point. It seems that Georgia farmers have lost something like $70 million in unpicked crops this season. Read More»

Steele, F’ville Council back mass transit; vote Clifton, Edwards, Johnson

It is my sincere hope that the voters in Fayetteville will a cast a ballot in this year’s municipal election. Past elections have been decided by fewer than 10 votes with rarely more than 1,000 votes being cast.

Basically this means that those with a vested interest in local government are the only ones who bother to vote.

Now, if you are happy with the current government in Fayetteville, you don’t need to do a thing; the “old guard” has plenty of loyal voters who will faithfully go to the polls and see that they and their cronies are returned to office. Read More»

Allen: Election about Imker, not Haddix

My election for Peachtree City Council Post 1 has been and continues to be about the following:

Are we better off now than we were two years ago with our home values, quality of life and sustainable village plan and model?

One tactic that is being used by some Eric Imker supporters is to try and turn this election away from Eric Imker and his record and on to Don Haddix whom they dislike and have for quite some time. Read More»

Imker deserves support, not attacks

Historically, in Peachtree City there is a light turnout, less than 20 percent of registered voters, for the election of city leaders.

In the upcoming election it may be even smaller than that because we only have one contested seat on the City Council. In these financially tight times, don’t give up your opportunity to select a representative that will preserve the quality of life we currently enjoy in the most cost effective manner possible. To do that I recommend that you vote for Eric Imker for City Council Post 1. Read More»

Fall camping stories

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Even though the sun blinded us if we sat on the wrong side of the line of tables scattered around the campfire, the conversations were low and lulling. Most of our group are (or were once, having moved) church friends, and many have air line or FAA or travel stories to recite in turn.

Conversations like these get spoken around a fire pit as the night-cooled breezes fill in the spaces between us and it’s so tempting to close the eyes and doze for a moment. Read More»


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Normally, I’m a happy kinda guy, and for good reason. Cool weather has chased the gray and black cat from the window sill back onto my lap. She takes up residence there during the winter when I write.

Our big black lab with the big black nose is acting like a puppy once again. Not bad for a puppy who’s 88 in human years.

And after 13 years, The Wife, she still loves me. I know; it doesn’t make much sense to me either, but she does. For this I’m eternally grateful. So what could possibly upset our perfect, happy little world? Read More»

Well done!

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As the pastor of a local church that is attempting to minister to people during difficult economic times, I fully understand that a church cannot give to every person in need. There’s always a limited supply of money and there will always be an unlimited amount of need.

In our church, during these tough times, we try, as best we can on limited funds, to first assist those of our congregation who are hit by the economic crisis. Once in a while, we may be able to help some in the community. Unfortunately, we simply can’t meet every need. Read More»

The new government religion: Regionalism

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Remember these two principles of folks with a conservative or libertarian world-view? “That government is best which governs least.” And “local government is the most representative because it is closest to the people it governs.”

And let’s throw in a third principle enunciated by the late Democrat Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill (a liberal, back before that word was replaced by “progressive”): “All politics is local.” Read More»

Messiah complex: The sequel?

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Listening to some establishment Republicans grousing about the field of GOP presidential candidates should serve as a warning. Republicans, if they are not careful, are in danger of catching the same virus that infected Democrats in 2008.

That would be a messiah complex, the belief that one man (or woman) can deliver us from our collective economic, social and foreign policy “sins” and bring redemption to a nation from the consequences of too many wrong-headed choices. Read More»