Perils of social media

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Several days ago, a news outlet reported that a company now exists which offers businesses a unique service: the company will scour the social media on behalf of employers to discover what job applicants and employees are posting, and have posted, on social media sites such as Facebook and My Space. Apparently, this company has the ability to even discover postings that have been deleted. Read More»

Emergence of Fluoridegate – Part III

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It was reported a few months ago in this column that something called Fluoridegate is on the horizon. The issue was and is the consumption of fluoride in drinking water and other sources and the deleterious health effects that result from it. The column also stated that the handwriting is on the wall for the days of water fluoridation. The dawning of that day has begun. Read More»

President Obama, Democrats must stop demonizing success

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It is perhaps ironic that Steve Jobs, cofounder of Apple Inc., died last week at the same time anti-capitalist signs and chants were televised from the leftist protests called “Occupy Wall Street.” The demonstrators demanded jobs and railed against corporations, testimony to their own ignorance of where their jobs and the products they use come from.

To paraphrase some demonstrators’ sentiments, can’t we all just share our country’s bounty instead of some getting rich while others remain stuck in poverty? Read More»

The innovation deficit

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The death of one of the great innovators of our time, or any time — Steve Jobs — brings a question asked by Pete Seeger in another context. To paraphrase: Where have all the (creative) people gone; long time passing?

Jobs and fellow computer innovator Bill Gates represent if not a vanishing breed, then at least one that might be classified, were it an exotic animal, as endangered. Read More»

The EPA puts concrete shoes on the cement industry

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has slowly become one of the most activist agencies in our federal government. They have implemented regulation after regulation, bypassing Congress to enforce their own liberal agenda.

In fact, according to a recent investigation by Daily Caller, these new regulations are expected to require 230,000 new employees at the EPA and cost American taxpayers $21 billion.

House Republicans have been working diligently to curb this overreach by the EPA, but it’s going to be a long battle. Read More»

Clip their wings, oh, Lord

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Until the day he died, Daddy had one prayer about his children that he prayed constantly. Probably every day of his life.

He did not, like many parents, daily beseech the good Lord to protect us or to give us wealth or happy lives. Instead, his most diligent prayer was always, “If any of ‘em get to flyin’ too high, oh, Lord, just clip their wings. Teach ‘em a thing or two, dear Lord, if they fly too high and forget you. Let ‘em fall so they’ll find you again.” Read More»

With T-SPLOST, MARTA bills us

Will you impose a 17 percent tax hike on your family? Especially if it locks you into a perpetual financial obligation with a money-losing enterprise? It would be like a coop full of chickens electing Col. Sanders as their negotiating agent with KFC.

Unlike every other tax, you, not your elected representatives, will decide next summer whether to accept such a tax and its iron-clad link to unending MARTA subsidies. Yes, even without it operating in Fayette County, we would become financially responsible for a piece of MARTA. Read More»

Westmoreland rep wrong about job fair

It seems that many facts were misrepresented in the article about the Westmoreland Job Fair.

As an organizer to this job fair, I am disappointed that the facts have been misrepresented by [Westmoreland spokesperson] Leslie Shedd.

There were 17 employers; all had at least one job; 610 job seekers; and several offers of interest if the job seekers followed up with the employers and applied online.

No one heard about three people being hired on the spot, and this would have been big news among the organizers. Read More»

Here’s a way to solve our jobs problem

Our nation is trapped on an economic treadmill. It is moving, but going nowhere.

The money printing by the Fed under its quantitative easing policies (QE1 and QE2) ignited the stock market, but created no significant bump in the economy.

The stimulus money that was spent at the end of Bush II, and the first two years of Obama, was aimed at supposedly “shovel-ready” infrastructure projects with the idea that the money would “trickle down” to the man-on-the-street who would spend it.

Well, something happened on the way to the mall, because it didn’t make it. Read More»