Former commissioner picks his candidates

This year, the election cycle is for municipal elections in Fayette County.

I live in one of the municipalities, Peachtree City, so I will vote there.

Politicians, including local ones, need to focus. Stop looking for ways to raise, and spend, more money and focus on supplying the level of services we require at the lowest possible cost. I’m going to trust Mr. Imker to do that.

I don’t live in either Tyrone or Fayetteville, but if I did, I know who I would vote for in several of those races. Read More»

‘Aliens’ and migrant workers form our past

In David Browning’s letter to the editor (The Citizen, Oct. 12, 2011), Browning clearly writes about the plight of alien migrant farm workers in Georgia.

Webster’s definition of the word “alien” would expose our original Founding Fathers, back a few centuries, when you know who sailed the ocean blue. Perhaps some of them carried their Bibles, and the Bible references in Mr. Browning’s letter, about aliens, made the trip with them. Read More»

PTC needs viable DAPC to continue

I had the pleasure [on Oct. 17] of attending the Development Authority of Peachtree City (DAPC) presentation on our Village Centers. I was impressed by the depth of knowledge and willingness of our citizens to step up and provide input to their elected officials and the development authority. The only problem? This willingness to give to the city was ignored: only one elected official bothered to show up. Read More»

What's in a name, revisited

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All right, girls and boys, today we’ll take up the matter of Peachtree Corners, a community in the Atlanta suburb of Gwinnett County that thinks it would make a good city all by itself and rejects the notion that it will be swallowed whole by the ever-burgeoning metropolis, Norcross. Read More»

Peachtree City UPDATES - Week of October 31, 2011

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Golf Cart Decals, Advance Voting, Council Meeting, Safety Alert, and more . . . Read More»

The drawer

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It was there the entire time we lived at 110 Flamingo Street. No matter how many times we tried to get rid of it, the thing always seemed to return. With each move we made, Mom thought we were finally going to be free, but after only a few months in the new house, it found us once again.

No one really claimed ownership. Mom said it all belonged to Dad. Dad said it wasn’t his, that it belonged to everyone. Looking back, I now know differently. The rightful owner of the dreaded drawer in the kitchen was me. Read More»

Baptizing the holidays

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When I was a younger pastor, the distinctions between black and white were very sharp. Sin was sin, wrong was wrong, and hell was hot.

I still believe that hell is hot but it just may be that not everything I thought qualified as a sin was actually a sin.

For example, time once was that, if someone asked my advice, I assumed they were bound to take my advice and anyone who did otherwise was in rebellion against their pastor. Read More»

1 mystery solved, another remains

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It’s personality election time in Peachtree City, as evidenced by the postings commenting on an otherwise rather bland letter by this year’s surviving challenger — Stephen Allen — who is trying to unseat incumbent Eric Imker.

One new anti-Allen and pro-Imker poster — Greenbelt — raised suspicions; a verification check validated the suspicion.

Thursday afternoon, I posted the following comment on TheCitizen.com:

“Greenbelt is committing identity fraud & election dirty tricks Read More»

A wedding viewed from the mind of an Aspergian

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Several months ago, my parents informed me of the wedding of my cousin Matthew. I had no memory of ever meeting Matthew in my life, so it seemed we were going to yet another wedding in a barn (Barn weddings seem to be the new tradition in our family).

A few months later, my mother got us all very expensive tickets to “Wicked”, which was playing at the Fox Theater. The play was one night before we had to leave for Raleigh, so we decided to see it. Read More»

The ObamaCare games being played on us

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If ever you needed proof that our government should not be entrusted with control of our healthcare, a clear case sits before you now. Even so, the Obama Administration remains confident you will not take the time to understand what has happened. Most citizens won’t. Read More»

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