Sleepless in Senoia

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The sheets slowly rise and fall next to me. The Wife is peacefully asleep. Our two cats are down for the night. They say if you can’t rest, you have something on your mind. I must, because I can’t.

Usually it’s worrying about money (or the lack thereof) that is the thief of my slumber, but not this time. It’s something much more important. Read More»

Who caused the mortgage meltdown?

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The best lies have a grain of truth, and if repeated enough, become accepted as common knowledge. As Grandma used to say, “A lie travels twice around the world before the truth can tie its shoes.” And as we all know a great lie can be simplified into a convenient sound bite while the truth is a little more complex and messy. Read More»

It’s time to chart a fundamental new course in PTC

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Three candidates are running in the upcoming election for two available posts on the Peachtree City Council. George Dienhart is unopposed for the post being vacated by Doug Sturbaum and his election is certain regardless of his political views or vision of the future of Peachtree City.

There are early indications that his views are more in line with Mayor Don Haddix than with other sitting members of the council. Read More»

Sales taxes: an unfinished story

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It was three years ago that the citizens of Fayette County raised their sales tax to 7 percent. It stayed at that level for one year, then came back down to today’s 6 percent.

In an effort to ensure our voters were exposed to what he thought might be an informed opinion on the subject before casting an important vote, The Citizen editor, aware of my tax expertise, suggested at the time that I contribute my thoughts on what our citizens were being asked to consider. Read More»

Perry’s flat tax vs. Cain’s 9-9-9

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I used to like the flat tax. In fact, I used to propose exactly what Rick Perry is now pushing: an optional flat tax allowing taxpayers to either make their way through the labyrinth of IRS fine print in search of deductions or simply pay a flat percent of their income in taxes and be done with it. Read More»

It’s none of my business

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“This is none of my business,” I said aloud to myself in a valiant, noble effort to mind my own business.

But has that ever stopped me. Nope.

“I am not getting into the middle of this mess,” I continued.

Do I ever listen to myself in these moments of reprimand? Nope.

“People actually buy books and newspapers for your advice,” myself said to myself. “Surely there’s benefit in what you have to say, for the opinion you have to offer.”

Should that make any difference in whether I speak my mind for free? Whether I offer advice which I regard as sterling and sage? Nope. Read More»

Piedmont Fayette not seniors’ friend

As seniors in Fayette County begin the arduous and gut-wrenching (yes, it is for us 65 and over) task of Medicare’s 2012 “open enrollment,” we find ourselves confused and not sure who we can trust in our healthcare community.

Pay attention closely, seniors. Check with all your insurance reps, i.e., Humana, Medicare, Kaiser, United, etc., to know what you’re going to pay for being an “out-of-network” hospitalized senior at Piedmont Fayette Hospital. Read More»

No provisions for the handicapped at FCHS

I visited your [Fayette County High School] stadium on 10-28-2011 for the Sandy Creek vs. Fayette County High football game.

I was appalled when I got there and saw there was no handicapped seating.

I go all over to high school football games in Georgia. I am a 62-year-old amputee in a wheelchair. Every high school stadium I have visited has a section for wheelchairs.

I paid $7 and had to park my wheelchair next to the bleachers on the 10-yard line and could hardly see the game from ground level. Read More»

Imker: ‘Realist’ for doing smart things

The end of the campaign season is near. I’m happy to have had the opportunity to share with the people of Peachtree City the accomplishments and decisions I’ve made while a council member.

In every case my choice has been and will continue to be based on what is in the best interest of the citizens.

I have accepted no campaign contributions. Nor did I two years ago. I wanted to emphasize that I work for the citizens and no one else. Read More»

Allen: Will work for low taxes, consensus

I believe in the following principles of low taxes, keeping our communities safe from crime and limited government.

While on the Peachtree City Council I will:

• Work to gather consensus on our common goals with other Peachtree City Council members.

• Seek input from you, Peachtree City’s citizens, on issues that are important to all of us so that we can work towards our common goals. Read More»

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