With each election, each West Bypass excuse is exposed as empty

Our latest election told us what we already know. There’s really no doubt about where the people of Fayette County stand on issues like the West Fayetteville Bypass and transit buses.

How many times do we have to tell Chairman Herb Frady, Commissioner Lee Hearn and Commissioner Robert Horgan the West Fayetteville Bypass is not needed or wanted? Read More»

Councilman-elect Dienhart invites Imker, Haddix to truce meeting

As Election Day and its related politics recede behind us, we can now look forward to the hard work that begins in January.

I came into this election promising complete transparency, open communication and promising to help end the discord within the Peachtree City Council. Here is how I intend to do that.

Transparency and communication – I think you will find that I will be the most approachable city councilman this city has ever seen. To facilitate communication I have transitioned my website (Dienhartforptc.blogspot.com) from a campaign site to a communication tool. Read More»

Bost: Sorry about mistake in F’ville election flyer

I realized after the political flyer went to the printer that the billboard in the political information piece was not in the Fayetteville city limits, even though it surely does look like it is.

As it turns out, it appears that former County Commissioner Eric Maxwell’s lawsuit against the county might be responsible for the unsightly billboard and not the City Council in Fayetteville. I apologize for any confusion.

Certainly, I don’t think the incumbents who lost in Fayetteville are going to blame the posting of that billboard for their loss in the election. Read More»

To the 81% eligible in Fayetteville: Why didn’t you vote Nov. 8?

On Nov. 8, 2011, citizens of the city of Fayetteville went to the polls. Let me correct that: 19 percent of the citizens went to the polls.

This letter is to the 81 percent of you who decided that this year’s city elections were just not that important for you to go to the polls.

The late Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neill, always said, “All politics is local.” The local level is where you can make a difference and have the most impact. Read More»

Criticism of Zac Brown’s proposed camp is misinformed personal attack

I am writing this in response to the Nov. 8, 2011 letter to the editor entitled, “Brown’s ‘camp’ will destroy resident’s peace.”

Mrs. Saul’s letter is full of misinformation and unwarranted personal attacks. It states that Mr. Brown has set out to “destroy our way of life.”

I’m a resident in close proximity to the proposed site of Camp Southern Ground and nothing could be further from the truth. Read More»

Opposition to camp not grounded in fact

As a resident of Fayetteville with a home just a few short miles away from the proposed Camp Southern Ground, I would like to respond to a piece written by LeGay Saul titled, “Brown’s camp will destroy residents’ peace.”

I believe Saul’s gripes may be out of frustration but simply are not grounded in facts and quite simply overlook the larger inherent intention of the proposal and good to the community. Read More»

Concerned with character of camp condemners

I’m not speaking for brownie points. I am speaking my opinion. I strongly feel if you do not live on Arnold Road, you are indirectly affected and would recommend if you do not have anything remotely good to say, consider politely excusing yourself.

If you do not have children, you cannot possibly comprehend; consider refraining and politely excuse yourself. With that being said, if you live on Arnold Road and you lack having kind things to say in support of the camp, I recommend choosing your words tactfully and wisely; you are stepping on peoples’ hearts. Read More»

A caring store clerk makes a difference to grieving widow

In this fast-paced world, in the stores we shop in for years, cashiers neither know your name nor face and know little about the person they are waiting on. All they seem to care about is their next pay check.

So when we encounter someone who cares deeply about a customer, it touches my heart and thus this letter.

We started shopping at the Tack Trolley to buy feed for our animals when the store first opened. Mr. Saul had cancer of the colon and fought it for seven long years. Read More»

Occupy Atlanta — Rebels with lots of obvious flaws

The last few weeks I have been having what I would loosely describe as a “debate” with the some of the “Occupiers” on the Facebook page “Occupy Atlanta.”

I say loosely as a description of my “debates” with Occupy Atlanta since generally all I got in return from my questions were bumper sticker responses. When asked, “What are your goals?” the general response was “To return Power to the people,” “Stop corporate greed,” etc. When asked, “How are you going to do that?” cue the crickets or the inevitable diatribe of personal attacks and calls of “Troll.” Read More»

Reader takes issue with The Citizen’s columnists

Yesterday’s Citizen ran three columns touting them as “thought provoking.” There was one by Walter E. Williams, another by William Murchison and a third by Thomas Sowell. All three are copyrighted by Creators.com, a group of writers representing both conservative and liberal viewpoints. Unfortunately only the right-wing ideologues ever appear in The Citizen. It would be refreshing to open the paper one day and find a balanced perspective in the Opinion page. Read More»

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