Miss Elinor’s thank you

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It often amazes me how many words of kindness and encouragement I receive for the stories I tell. Often, a reader will write, “You don’t know me but I feel that we are friends.”

They often express that the stories I tell feel like their own stories, like the way they were raised and many times one will say, “Your mama could have been my mama. They’re so much alike.” Read More»

PTC has a problem: Few jobs for young

A fundamental reality for a financially healthy city is the recognition jobs are front and center. Another is you must have a proper balance of age demographics.

While other cities are recognizing this fact, Peachtree City is not.

A major indicator of the extent such decline is occurring is school enrollment. Fayette County enrollment is down to 2002 levels. We are losing families with kids. Read More»

‘Les Missing’

‘Les Missing’

Editorial cartoon by Glenn McCoy. ‘Les Missing’ Obama holding golf club with Paris march in background.

‘Now stick your head through so I can chop it off.’

‘Now stick your head through so I can chop it off.’

Editorial cartoon by Chip Bok. "Good. Now stick your head through so I can chop it off."


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I have never been one to make New Year’s Resolutions and certainly never one about losing weight. At the age of 82 I only weigh 150 and that’s fine with me.

I have some suggestions, however, for every body else. If you’re retired: my thoughts of an organization in which you could volunteer is the Fayette Samaritans. It is a food and clothing non-profit dedicated to the needs of Fayette Countians. Read More»

Rub dirt on it

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Someone once said, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Obviously that person never spent anytime growing up on Flamingo Street.

Back then, ask any kid in our neighborhood and they’ll tell ya — many injuries came from playing with sticks and stones, but the worst injuries came from words. Five little words to be precise – “I double dog dare ya.” Read More»

Should veterans step up?

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Today, the percentage of military veterans in the United States Congress is at its lowest rate since World War II. According to a report by CNN, only 20 percent of the 535 members of the new Congress have served in the military, 25 from the Senate and 90 from the House of Representatives. Compare that to the Congress of 1975, where 70 percent of the members were military veterans. Read More»

The shot reported around the world

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Some preliminary thoughts in the aftermath of the accidental shooting New Year’s Day in Peachtree City that received global news coverage.

First, the good news. Margaret McCollum, 58, of 103 Autumn Leaf, is recovering from a gunshot wound to her back, her medical condition having been raised to “good” as of Tuesday.

The other good news — after initial sketchy reports fueled ominous speculations — is that the shooting of Peachtree City Police Chief Will McCollom’s wife in their bed at 4 a.m. Jan. 1 was an accident, a terrible accident. Read More»

The ‘equality’ racket

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Some time ago, burglars in England scrawled a message on the wall of a home they had looted: “RICH BASTARDS.”

Those two words captured the spirit of the politicized vision of equality — that it was a grievance when someone was better off than themselves. Read More»

Liberals’ use of black people, Part II

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Last week’s column focused on the ways liberals use blacks in pursuit of their leftist agenda, plus their demeaning attitudes toward black people. Most demeaning are their double standards.

It was recently reported that Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., the House majority whip, spoke at a 2002 gathering hosted by white supremacist leaders when he was a Louisiana state representative. Some are calling on Scalise to step down or for House Speaker John Boehner to fire him. There’s no claim that Scalise made racist statements. Read More»

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