Letters to the Editor

PTC, power company are charging taxes upon taxes

In sixth grade, my arithmetic class included fractions and percentages. Hated them, then; hated them, now. Never thought Id need them. Didnt, for a long time, not until I took a hard look at my electric power bill.

Sales tax on electricity is 6 percent. Okay, I understand that. Georgia Power is selling me a product. I pay sales tax on it.

But when I multiply the cost of electricity by 6 percent, I dont get the same cost for sales tax that is on the bill. Read More»

Dienhart is the right choice for PTC Council Post 2

I recently had the opportunity to contrast the two candidates for Peachtree City Council Post 2: George Dienhart and Scott Brown.

Dienhart was certainly the more impressive candidate. Of the two men, Dienhart appears to have a plan that supports our village concept while bringing new jobs to the city. He also had a plan for how to deal with the current City Council controversy.

I believe that it is going to take a strong leader to deal with the energetic personalities of Don Haddix and Erik Imker. After hearing the two men speak, Dienhart was the obvious choice. Read More»

Golf carts & handicapped parking: something’s wrong

Do I like golf carts?

No, when you are driving down Spear Road at the speed limit and come around a curve and all of a sudden there is a golf cart in the road going 10 mph what an idiot.

Now lets talk about the newly renovated shopping center next to Kmart. I never shop in Peachtree City; parking space is the problem. When I had open heart surgery, I was in a coma for a month and in the hospital for three months and I had to learn to walk again, so handicapped parking is a must for me.

My favorite hair dresser is now in a salon near Kmart, so I went there for a hair cut. Read More»

Frady, Horgan and Hearn refuse to help taxpayers

Dear Chairman Herb Frady, Commissioner Robert Horgan and Commissioner Lee Hearn,

Many of the citizens of Fayette County have developed a keen interest in local politics over the last couple of years. Unfortunately, this interest wasnt created out of admiration of your actions.

Our interest in your actions originated out of distrust and a yearning to save the community we hold so dear.

Any budgetary process, whether its your personal finances or the management of a county government, depends upon your ability to make modifications as the economic environment changes. Read More»

Brown: 2 of us tried to stop wasteful county spending, but 3 said no

The frustration level is extremely high at the county government level. First, a new ordinance was passed on a 3-1 vote to force citizens to register to speak at government meetings. The new ordinance is so broad in its restriction of free speech that any comments that might embarrass the chairman or the other commissioners are now cause for removing a citizen from a public meeting (I am not making this up). Read More»

Cochran plans run for F’ville Post 2

It comes with great excitement that I am announcing my intention to run for Post 2 of the Fayetteville City Council.

I have had the honor of serving the city as a member of the Main Street Board of Directors for the past five years and have acquired a great respect for the leadership of our community. I believe it is important to create continuity in the leadership of our community as we have one of the best run cities in the state. Read More»

Half of all regional tax goes to rail and buses

When we arrived for duty in Korea, several wives advised Joye to make sure the kids brought their bikes inside whenever they weren’t using them.

“Is crime that bad?” she asked.

“No, you’re going to be safe,“ they replied, “but there’s still a culture with some of the people that if you don’t secure your stuff, it’s up for grabs because you don’t value it as much as they do.” Read More»

To departing teacher Sue Seifert, thank you

It was a few weeks ago that we learned one of the finest people ever to teach in Fayette County would not be returning to Oak Grove Elementary School.

It was our hope that our granddaughter would have her as her teacher this year, as she had taught our two youngest daughters many years ago, and they blossomed upon experiencing her instruction.

But sadly we learned that Sue Seifert would not be returning to Oak Grove to teach. She was leaving the vocation that not only she loved, but excelled at. She will be caring for her father, and how fortunate he is to have such a daughter. Read More»

Debt debacle: Is it really Tea Party’s fault?

The Tea Party may be a small group of people, but they certainly are active in the South Atlanta Area. Recently, they have been compared to terrorists that are “holding the economy hostage.” But how accurate is that?

First off, the GOP-controlled House, with many Tea Party freshmen, passed a budget drafted by Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan, a Republican. How long has it been since the Democrat-controlled Senate passed a budget? Oh, that’s right, eight years. Read More»

Are F’ville officials responsible for yellow restaurant?

I am a citizen of Fayette County and I am very disturbed by the color of the outside paint on the La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant in almost the center of [Fayetteville]. The first time I saw the horrible “mustard yellow” color, I thought that I was in a time warp and was in Riverdale.

Are we going to let restaurants paint their buildings any disgusting color that they want to? If we are, why are the powers that be so against more than two signs at restaurants, such as Longhorn. Read More»

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