Letters to the Editor

Candidate Clifton: After 2 decades of Steele, it’s time for a change

I am writing to all my wonderful friends and neighbors in the great city of Fayetteville to announce my candidacy for mayor of our historic city.

My name is Greg Clifton and I’m ready to put the focus of our local government back on the citizens of Fayetteville.

I thank the current mayor for his over two decades of service, but I believe it’s undeniably time for a different focus from our municipal leadership. Read More»

F’ville Mayor Steele flip-flops to left of center

The most difficult thing for me to comprehend as a Fayette County resident is how we ended up with so many elected officials on the center-left of the political spectrum. They talk the talk in front of the local conservative audiences, but their actions tell a much different story.

My ears perked up at the Sept, 22 Board of Commissioners meeting when Commissioner Robert Horgan kept saying we were a “progressive” county. The term “progressive” is often used in our modern political parlance to merely avoid the word “liberal.” President Obama proudly describes himself as being “progressive.” Read More»

Steele unveils new tax and spend boondoggle

This past week was the tax and spend gala of the year. In case you missed the festivities, here’s a quick re-cap of how your local government is having an extravagant spending spree at our expense.

On Tuesday Fayetteville Mayor Ken Steele announced a new, never-before-heard-of program called the Fayette County Public-Private Transportation Program. Straight away, let me explain this uneconomical and inefficient plot to create more bureaucracy and waste more of our money. Read More»

Imker warned of tunnel vision on PTC budget

Mr. Steve Allen made a passionate plea at the July 11th Peachtree City budget workshop asking that the city look for ways to increase revenues. His call was for our government to spend as much time looking for revenue increases as it does cost reductions. He does have a point and it is worthy of consideration.

It is unfortunate that his letter of introduction to the voters was generally so negative and also filled with inaccuracies and half-truths. If I were to address each one, this letter would be as long as his and would put you to sleep. Read More»

Candidate Allen pledges principled teamwork, focus on future

City councils, like other organizations, work best when they are operating under common goals and are functioning, as a team. This will be my approach, should I be elected to Peachtree City Council Post 1.

In addition to the City Council, the city management and staff are also members of this team working toward specific goals as well. Credit should be acknowledged and given to all the members of the team for their work versus one person taking that credit for themselves. Read More»

Dienhart: It was mistake to downgrade development authority

Since my opponent dropped out of the race, I requested a series of meetings with the mayor, all members of the City Council and the city manager. The mayor, city manager, and council members Sturbaum, Learnard, and Fleisch responded, and we have an ongoing dialog that will help me benefit from their experience, and become an effective public servant from the beginning of my term.

I’d like to thank them for their time — not all public servants are conscientious enough to help a future colleague. Read More»

Tea Party members are blind to costs of massive deregulation

Mr. Canin of Senoia wrote a very heartfelt letter recently explaining what the Tea Party is not. He professes the apolitical nature of the Tea Party while acknowledging that it is certainly more closely held by Republicans. He does tell us the Tea Party is not for any government which rings up a 14 trillion dollar debt. I must confess that on that particular note we can certainly agree.

But political change is not wrought by apolitical means. If one is for free markets, that is a practical statement but its enactment is guaranteed only through the political process. Read More»

Beware quicksand west of Planterra

I found myself in quicksand this morning. In a nano-second I literally stepped from terra firma to terror.

My right foot went first. I stepped on what appeared to be solid ground when suddenly I felt cold, wet, sandy, dense clay suck me down. My left foot instinctively tried to step away from the area, but the circumference was too broad.

Both feet rapidly disappeared below the earth. I was astonished at how quickly I sank. The gushy mud mixture relentlessly pulled me. I struggled to get my feet out. But both feet became completely immersed. Read More»

Don’t advertise kids

Being new to the area, one aspect new to me was the posting of signs in residential front yards that advertise it as a residence of children. In my neighborhood, one home promotes itself as the home of three high school girls. As a former Neighborhood Watch “lead” I have some thoughts on this subject.

Although Fayette County may enjoy a crime rate below that of our neighbors, it seems to me that the downside of these “advertisements” is greater than any benefit. Read More»

Candidate Allen: Imker’s hotel tax increase hurts PTC businesses

Eric Imker voted to increase Peachtree City’s hotel/motel tax rate from 6 percent to 7 percent this year. Due to state of Georgia requirements for this tax, it must be approved by the Georgia state legislature, which they did not.

However, this tax increase can be brought up for another Peachtree City Council vote and be resubmitted to the Georgia state legislature again for their approval. Read More»

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