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Mayor: Imker falsely claims credit for these

Eric Imker is repeating false claims:

1. “Identified budget problems and proposed solutions.” Began 2008. He proposed huge cuts to employee and staff pay, pensions, etc. on top of the cuts done in 2009. A no-tax pledge became a 1.25 mill tax increase in 2010.

2. “No new tax increases in 2012.” Reelection is why, followed by three tax increases 2013 through 2015.

3. “Led council to consolidate and pay off three unfavorable loans.” Our city manager and financial officer led. Pay-offs tracked for years. Read More»

Clifton: Steele touts local but votes regional

In response to a question from the audience at the recent candidate forum in Fayetteville regarding the duplication of fire services in the city and county, Mayor Steele made a telling admission against interest.

His response was that the total millage rate for the city of Fayetteville is LESS than the millage rate in the county for fire services alone. Thereby making my point (in this case, city vs. county) that LOCAL government is better and more efficient than REGIONAL government. Read More»

Steele responsible for many F’ville benefits

Why are the negative blogs against incumbent Mayor Ken Steele written by the same five or six people who recycle the same blatherings and make it look like theirs is the “voice of the people?”

The irony is that these anonymous ranters who complain about how bad things have become are likely the same people who moved to Fayetteville because of its positive attributes. Read More»

Ed Johnson will be good for Fayetteville

On Nov. 8, the citizens of Fayetteville will go to the polls to elect members for their city council. Please consider supporting my friend, Ed Johnson, in his bid for Post #1. You can learn more about him at http://edjohnson4citycouncilpost1.com/.

Ed is the senior pastor for Flat Rock African Methodist Episcopal Church. I met him eight years ago at his church. His warm reception of me as a brother in Christ helped to set the tone for my ministry as an Ambassador volunteer for Promise Keepers. Read More»

Steele’s plans bad for all of Fayette

It is time for some blunt talk about the deceptive practices surrounding the West Fayetteville Bypass. It was clear for most early on that the Road to Nowhere was improper. The fog has lifted even more for the remaining holdouts because of recent newspaper stories detailing the development plans along the bypass. Read More»

Big secret revealed: West Bypass is absolutely a developers’ road

The Citizen reveals the big secret. The West Fayetteville Bypass was not built for traffic relief in downtown Fayetteville.

This road was approved for developers at a cost of many millions of dollars.

The Rivers Elementary School was also built for developers at an approximate cost of $11 million.

Neither of those projects made any sense until the secret was revealed. Our elected officials have given (my guess) $60 million from the taxpayers but public officials did not want the taxpayer to know what was the driving force behind these gifts. Read More»

Fayette’s officials cater to special interest groups

Mayor Steele, architects, developers, and other county officials have painted a very pretty picture with the West Fayetteville Neighborhoods’ West Bypass development. In fact, it reminds me of Disney World. They have packed an entire city into 2,000 acres.

That is known as a “high density” development.

Everything looks great on the surface, but when you strip away the shiny new candy coating what lies beneath?

The Waterlace community was also a developer’s dream. However, it now sits overgrown with weeds. Read More»

Steele, Frady show why officials can’t be trusted

To Mayor Ken Steele, Chairman Herb Frady, Commissioner Lee Hearn and Commissioner Robert Horgan I say, gentlemen, what we have here is a failure to communicate.

It’s become so obvious that the West Fayetteville Bypass is about nothing other than our tax dollars going to pay for increased development in the center of the county that any of us would be a complete fool to think otherwise. The excuses keep changing from month to month and it proves how government can’t be trusted to do the legitimate work of the people. Read More»

Allen: Will support Public Safety

Today, Peachtree City has a relatively low crime rate (thank you, Chief Clark and the Peachtree City Police Department). However, we have to be thinking about what is going on around us to maintain our safety. We are an island of relatively low crime surrounded by areas of significantly higher crime.

Firstly, the most obvious thing we need is to at least maintain the same number of reliable police cars we currently have. Peachtree City’s current 10 police cars all have very high mileage and were requested to be replaced. Eric Imker voted to replace only nine of our 10 police cars. Read More»

Thank Imker for strong budget

In these difficult economic times, Peachtree City has received an AA-1 rating from Moody’s and an AAA rating from Standard and Poor’s, quite an accomplishment. Out of all the cities in Georgia, only three have an AAA rating, Roswell, Alpharetta and Peachtree City.

Our city uses a multi-year financial model. We don’t just plan for today; rather we pass a budget for this year and plan for the next four years as well. Read More»

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