Letters to the Editor

Allen: Will support Public Safety

Today, Peachtree City has a relatively low crime rate (thank you, Chief Clark and the Peachtree City Police Department). However, we have to be thinking about what is going on around us to maintain our safety. We are an island of relatively low crime surrounded by areas of significantly higher crime.

Firstly, the most obvious thing we need is to at least maintain the same number of reliable police cars we currently have. Peachtree City’s current 10 police cars all have very high mileage and were requested to be replaced. Eric Imker voted to replace only nine of our 10 police cars. Read More»

Thank Imker for strong budget

In these difficult economic times, Peachtree City has received an AA-1 rating from Moody’s and an AAA rating from Standard and Poor’s, quite an accomplishment. Out of all the cities in Georgia, only three have an AAA rating, Roswell, Alpharetta and Peachtree City.

Our city uses a multi-year financial model. We don’t just plan for today; rather we pass a budget for this year and plan for the next four years as well. Read More»

Support from Mayor Steele’s wife

My name is Debbie Steele. Please take a moment to allow me to share with you the personal side of Mayor Ken Steele.

Ken’s life has been that of “service” to God, family, country and community.

After graduating from college,he was commissioned and entered flight training with the U.S. Navy; this is when we married.

Ken served seven years in the Navy, which included a Vietnam tour of duty. He then entered another service career with Delta Airlines. This spanned 30 years. Read More»

Overeager servers spoil dining

I have noticed over the past few months when we have gone to the restaurants the waiters and waitresses are overly eager to remove plates and anything from the table while people are sitting at the table.

A few weeks ago I had three plates in front of me and I would get food from each one. The waitress noticed the plate not directly in front of me and snatched it up.

I said, “Can you wait until we leave the restaurant to clean the table, we are not finished yet?” Read More»

With T-SPLOST, MARTA bills us

Will you impose a 17 percent tax hike on your family? Especially if it locks you into a perpetual financial obligation with a money-losing enterprise? It would be like a coop full of chickens electing Col. Sanders as their negotiating agent with KFC.

Unlike every other tax, you, not your elected representatives, will decide next summer whether to accept such a tax and its iron-clad link to unending MARTA subsidies. Yes, even without it operating in Fayette County, we would become financially responsible for a piece of MARTA. Read More»

Westmoreland rep wrong about job fair

It seems that many facts were misrepresented in the article about the Westmoreland Job Fair.

As an organizer to this job fair, I am disappointed that the facts have been misrepresented by [Westmoreland spokesperson] Leslie Shedd.

There were 17 employers; all had at least one job; 610 job seekers; and several offers of interest if the job seekers followed up with the employers and applied online.

No one heard about three people being hired on the spot, and this would have been big news among the organizers. Read More»

Here’s a way to solve our jobs problem

Our nation is trapped on an economic treadmill. It is moving, but going nowhere.

The money printing by the Fed under its quantitative easing policies (QE1 and QE2) ignited the stock market, but created no significant bump in the economy.

The stimulus money that was spent at the end of Bush II, and the first two years of Obama, was aimed at supposedly “shovel-ready” infrastructure projects with the idea that the money would “trickle down” to the man-on-the-street who would spend it.

Well, something happened on the way to the mall, because it didn’t make it. Read More»

Questions, answers on school board issues

This is an email I sent to the Fayette County School Board. To date I have no response. I understand [School Board member Janet] Smola went all over Tyrone stating I was for closing the school. I believe a person with a little common sense would read this email and state that it is their responsibility, not my responsibility, to make decisions concerning the school system. Read More»

Do conservatives remember Bible’s commands about aliens?

Earlier this week PBS radio ran a piece about the shortage of migrant farm workers in Georgia. This morning a follow-up news item was aired underscoring this point. It seems that Georgia farmers have lost something like $70 million in unpicked crops this season. Read More»

Steele, F’ville Council back mass transit; vote Clifton, Edwards, Johnson

It is my sincere hope that the voters in Fayetteville will a cast a ballot in this year’s municipal election. Past elections have been decided by fewer than 10 votes with rarely more than 1,000 votes being cast.

Basically this means that those with a vested interest in local government are the only ones who bother to vote.

Now, if you are happy with the current government in Fayetteville, you don’t need to do a thing; the “old guard” has plenty of loyal voters who will faithfully go to the polls and see that they and their cronies are returned to office. Read More»

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