Letters to the Editor

Steve Allen not serious about PTC Council

Candidate Allen attacks Councilman Imker in an Oct. 18 letter charging that Imker “did not vote to fund” a records management system for the Peachtree City Police Department.

Researching this claim took under an hour to learn that this $250,000 expense was never submitted to Council vote. City management determined the current system was adequate. Neither Imker nor the mayor, or any other council member voted on this issue. Allen’s accusation is baseless. Read More»

Congrats to F’ville

I just wanted to send in a quick letter congratulating Fayetteville for being named one of Forbes’ Magazine Top Ten Suburbs to Retire.

Fayette County has always been known for good planning. That common-sense approach continues to pay dividends. Peachtree City has always earned its fair share of accolades. It is nice to see Fayetteville getting its due. Read More»

Former commissioner picks his candidates

This year, the election cycle is for municipal elections in Fayette County.

I live in one of the municipalities, Peachtree City, so I will vote there.

Politicians, including local ones, need to focus. Stop looking for ways to raise, and spend, more money and focus on supplying the level of services we require at the lowest possible cost. I’m going to trust Mr. Imker to do that.

I don’t live in either Tyrone or Fayetteville, but if I did, I know who I would vote for in several of those races. Read More»

‘Aliens’ and migrant workers form our past

In David Browning’s letter to the editor (The Citizen, Oct. 12, 2011), Browning clearly writes about the plight of alien migrant farm workers in Georgia.

Webster’s definition of the word “alien” would expose our original Founding Fathers, back a few centuries, when you know who sailed the ocean blue. Perhaps some of them carried their Bibles, and the Bible references in Mr. Browning’s letter, about aliens, made the trip with them. Read More»

PTC needs viable DAPC to continue

I had the pleasure [on Oct. 17] of attending the Development Authority of Peachtree City (DAPC) presentation on our Village Centers. I was impressed by the depth of knowledge and willingness of our citizens to step up and provide input to their elected officials and the development authority. The only problem? This willingness to give to the city was ignored: only one elected official bothered to show up. Read More»

Funding transit jobs is a bogus benefit

Jobs, jobs, jobs! Spending another $3 billion to maintain and expand metro Atlanta’s transit systems would create tons of them: designers, surveyors, and construction companies to clear the routes, lay the tracks, and build the stations. More jobs to operate and maintain rail cars, buses, signal equipment, and ticket machines. Banks to receive, disburse, and account for all those dollars. There’s just no end to the jobs!

That’d be a good thing, right? Read More»

It costs us less to stay in Flint Library system

For some years, the Flint River Regional Library System (FRRLS) has been using state taxpayer money to pay the salary of a senior librarian at the Fayette County Library.

Recently, the FRRLS, faced with the same budget constraints we all are facing, decided that they could no longer fund this salary. When the word reached the Fayette County Commission, some thought the county should withdraw from the FRRLS.

Not a good idea. Read More»

What Garlock doesn’t say: How we got to this sorry situation

So here is what it has come down to: The people who don’t like President Obama (like Terry Garlock) have memorized a playbook and it goes something like this.

The President has introduced mountains of new regulations stifling business. The President is responsible for class warfare. The President has run up the national debt to $14 trillion, with help of course from successive liberal governments who forced banks to lend to people who couldn’t afford it. Read More»

Occupy Wall Street: It’s time for accountability

For the past month we have been watching with astonishment as the Occupy Wall Street protests have given voice to angry Americans who have had just about enough of Wall Street’s greedy, unethical and immoral practices.

I think we can fairly blame much of the current world financial crisis on the financial/banking industry’s incredible ability to quietly manipulate the markets and government in its never ending pursuit of greater and greater profit margins. Read More»

Imker: 6 things I want to see in future

Two years ago I ran for office to bring a business-like approach to city management and the budget. My first priority is ensuring the city budget is 100 percent open to the public and represents the priorities of the citizens from safety, public works and leisure activities while being fiscally responsible.

I am proud that over the last two budget cycles I have been involved in, we have added over $2 million to our reserves. This was no accident. Read More»

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