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Questions, answers on school board issues

This is an email I sent to the Fayette County School Board. To date I have no response. I understand [School Board member Janet] Smola went all over Tyrone stating I was for closing the school. I believe a person with a little common sense would read this email and state that it is their responsibility, not my responsibility, to make decisions concerning the school system. Read More»

Do conservatives remember Bible’s commands about aliens?

Earlier this week PBS radio ran a piece about the shortage of migrant farm workers in Georgia. This morning a follow-up news item was aired underscoring this point. It seems that Georgia farmers have lost something like $70 million in unpicked crops this season. Read More»

Steele, F’ville Council back mass transit; vote Clifton, Edwards, Johnson

It is my sincere hope that the voters in Fayetteville will a cast a ballot in this year’s municipal election. Past elections have been decided by fewer than 10 votes with rarely more than 1,000 votes being cast.

Basically this means that those with a vested interest in local government are the only ones who bother to vote.

Now, if you are happy with the current government in Fayetteville, you don’t need to do a thing; the “old guard” has plenty of loyal voters who will faithfully go to the polls and see that they and their cronies are returned to office. Read More»

Allen: Election about Imker, not Haddix

My election for Peachtree City Council Post 1 has been and continues to be about the following:

Are we better off now than we were two years ago with our home values, quality of life and sustainable village plan and model?

One tactic that is being used by some Eric Imker supporters is to try and turn this election away from Eric Imker and his record and on to Don Haddix whom they dislike and have for quite some time. Read More»

Imker deserves support, not attacks

Historically, in Peachtree City there is a light turnout, less than 20 percent of registered voters, for the election of city leaders.

In the upcoming election it may be even smaller than that because we only have one contested seat on the City Council. In these financially tight times, don’t give up your opportunity to select a representative that will preserve the quality of life we currently enjoy in the most cost effective manner possible. To do that I recommend that you vote for Eric Imker for City Council Post 1. Read More»

‘We must address transportation’

While the discussion is about things ... roads, bridges, paths, the REAL conversation is about people. And the people who live or work in Fayette have some key things in common regarding what’s important to us now and as we look into the future.

1. First, we are united in our desire for Fayette to be a safe place to live.

2. We want excellent education and good jobs to provide for ourselves and our families.

3. We want a healthy environment for our home and business. Read More»

Candidate Clifton: F’ville Council needs some ‘beneficial friction’

We the citizens of Fayetteville both value and have generally enjoyed good government. However, I have spoken with many in Fayetteville who think things are not heading in the right direction.

They think, and I agree, that the long-running establishment has lost [the] small-town vision that makes our Fayetteville special. We do not want to be like the rest of metro Atlanta; that’s why we live here. So let’s do something about it. Read More»

Allen: Come to PTC Village Plan update

Peachtree City was chartered in 1959. The original vision was “a complete, well-designed and self-contained unit of human settlement” ... a planned community.

Some of the goals of this original vision have been retained; other goals have changed over the first 50 years of our city. What goals will be retained and which ones will be changed over the next 50 years? Read More»

Haddix’s shadow falls on Allen-Imker race

Open letter to Steve Allen, running against incumbent Eric Imker, Peachtree City Council, Post:

I have read both of your letters to the editor in The Citizen announcing your candidacy. The only consistent theme you seem to have is that you disagree with anything Imker does or wants to do that is in opposition of Peachtree City Mayor Don Haddix. Read More»

Referendum on mayor, politics of meanness

One of the primary reasons my family and I love Peachtree City is the friendly and kind atmosphere. So why don’t we want and expect the same from our elected officials?

Although the Nov.8, 2011 election is for two city council seats, this election is very much a referendum on our mayor, and it is clear that Mayor Haddix is behind the scenes pushing his politics of meanness at one council member who is running for re-election, Eric Imker. Read More»

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