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Occupy Atlanta — Rebels with lots of obvious flaws

The last few weeks I have been having what I would loosely describe as a “debate” with the some of the “Occupiers” on the Facebook page “Occupy Atlanta.”

I say loosely as a description of my “debates” with Occupy Atlanta since generally all I got in return from my questions were bumper sticker responses. When asked, “What are your goals?” the general response was “To return Power to the people,” “Stop corporate greed,” etc. When asked, “How are you going to do that?” cue the crickets or the inevitable diatribe of personal attacks and calls of “Troll.” Read More»

Reader takes issue with The Citizen’s columnists

Yesterday’s Citizen ran three columns touting them as “thought provoking.” There was one by Walter E. Williams, another by William Murchison and a third by Thomas Sowell. All three are copyrighted by Creators.com, a group of writers representing both conservative and liberal viewpoints. Unfortunately only the right-wing ideologues ever appear in The Citizen. It would be refreshing to open the paper one day and find a balanced perspective in the Opinion page. Read More»

Humana now is ‘in-network’ in Fayette

Fayette County community, we at Piedmont Healthcare are happy to announce some good news for Fayette County seniors, and others in the surrounding area, who wish to use Piedmont Fayette Hospital on an “in network” basis.

Piedmont Healthcare has signed an agreement with Humana to participate in its Medicare Advantage plans. This means seniors who enroll in Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans (HMO, PPO, POS and PFFS) will be considered “in network” for 2012 when they use Piedmont Fayette Hospital, as well as Piedmont’s other three hospitals in Newnan, Atlanta and Jasper. Read More»

It’s time for us to help military families again

The Christmas season is once again approaching, and I for one am so glad to have something joyous to look forward to. This hasn’t been the happiest year for a lot of us, and a season of hope for a brighter tomorrow is just what the doctor ordered.

As many of you know, when the war began, I started a charity called Embracing Military Families. It’s been a long war on several fronts, and while we’re drawing down in one arena, we still have troops defending our freedom and in the line of fire. And most of these brave men and women left families behind. Read More»

F’ville mayor, council actually represent developers, Atlanta cronies

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a Fayetteville mayor and City Council that actually represented the citizens of Fayetteville rather than their developer pals and their cronies in Atlanta — the city of failure and $100,000 a year bus drivers?

Let’s look at a few decisions from our mayor and council. Be sure to check off the ones that improved your life and made Fayetteville a better place to live. Read More»

Being led to T-SPLOST slaughter by Judas goat

Peachtree City and other Fayette County voters are being led as if by a Judas goat to the slaughter that is the TSPLOST: the Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax.

In the first place, the name itself is a lie. It’s not a local option: it’s something cooked up by politicians and consultants in Atlanta who think they know better than we how to spend our money. Only a politician could define “local” as encompassing the entire Atlanta metro area, and include Fayette County in that traffic-mass-transit-cesspool. Read More»

Brown’s ‘camp’ will destroy residents’ peace

I am writing about the rezoning Thursday, Nov. 3, of property on Ebenezer Church Road from agriculture to commercial.

To say I am mad would be putting it lightly. Back in 1964 we sold a house in the city of Atlanta and purchased a house on Ebenezer Church Road to give our children a wholesome, quiet life without the traffic and noise of Atlanta. Every house on Ebenezer Church Road are families that have lived here for years, some passing the property down from parents to children. Read More»

Perry’s flat tax vs. Cain’s 9-9-9

Dick Morris's picture

I used to like the flat tax. In fact, I used to propose exactly what Rick Perry is now pushing: an optional flat tax allowing taxpayers to either make their way through the labyrinth of IRS fine print in search of deductions or simply pay a flat percent of their income in taxes and be done with it. Read More»

Piedmont Fayette not seniors’ friend

As seniors in Fayette County begin the arduous and gut-wrenching (yes, it is for us 65 and over) task of Medicare’s 2012 “open enrollment,” we find ourselves confused and not sure who we can trust in our healthcare community.

Pay attention closely, seniors. Check with all your insurance reps, i.e., Humana, Medicare, Kaiser, United, etc., to know what you’re going to pay for being an “out-of-network” hospitalized senior at Piedmont Fayette Hospital. Read More»

No provisions for the handicapped at FCHS

I visited your [Fayette County High School] stadium on 10-28-2011 for the Sandy Creek vs. Fayette County High football game.

I was appalled when I got there and saw there was no handicapped seating.

I go all over to high school football games in Georgia. I am a 62-year-old amputee in a wheelchair. Every high school stadium I have visited has a section for wheelchairs.

I paid $7 and had to park my wheelchair next to the bleachers on the 10-yard line and could hardly see the game from ground level. Read More»

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