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Beware crafty pols, impure motives

It is so terribly easy for government to go astray. The special interests, wanting to profit off of government, never go away no matter who is in office.

On one hand, there are crafty officials with impure motives. On the other hand, there are uninformed officials who are taken-in by the crafty ones.

Do you remember three years ago when capitalism was dead and socialism was what we needed to aspire to if we were smart?

Do you remember when the European Union was the new shining example on the hill? Poll results showed the American public believed all the propaganda. Read More»

Remembering pioneer entrepreneur Fred Poteet

Before Blockbuster, before Netflix, there was Mr. Video, the largest chain of video rental stores in Georgia (four) and headquartered in Fayetteville.

It was the brainchild of Fred Poteet, who took a small inheritance from his wife Gail’s parents and started with a small store with 100 VHS films.

After Mr. Video, Fred and Gail opened a small restaurant called “Gail’s Lonestar Cafe.” Within a few weeks there were one-hour waiting lines, followed by a new and larger building. Gail’s Lonestar Cafe, like Mr. Video, began expanding, opening in Peachtree City and in Jonesboro. Read More»

PTC Councilwoman Fleisch: 2011 was a positive year for the city

This past year in Peachtree City can only be described as a precursor for things to come. From bringing in more business to cleaning up our community, this past year is one that Peachtree City can call a success, thanks to our citizens and employees. I found several things in the past year’s activities that can go into the positive column for the community. Read More»

Enough Sales tax - vote no on TSPLOST

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The state of Georgia through our General Assembly and governor is asking the voters of all Georgia counties to vote on a transportation 1 percent sales tax in July 2012.

This 1 percent sales tax is in addition to other 1 percent sales taxes counties already have in place. This would be called the TSPLOST TAX (Transportation Special Projects Local Option Sales Tax).

Most counties have a 1 percent ELOST TAX, a 1 percent SPLOST TAX, and a 1 percent LOST TAX. Read More»

Gift from ‘visionary’ PTC leaders: RaceTrac

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Congratulations to the “visionary” leadership of Peachtree City for obtaining a RaceTrac gas station for us. It complements the new ambiance of the west side of the city.

Three years ago, your visionary leadership turned its back on an Avenue type development for the Line Creek land area. The development included a “baby” Kohl’s, planter boxes, brick walkways, strict limits on deliveries, lighting, outdoor activities, and architectural looks. Read More»

North Pole CEO deals with bullies

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He looked over the top of his glasses at the eight who had lined up before him. He spoke softly, but bit off each word.

“You have committed verbal assault. The names you called him were unconscionable. That constitutes bullying. Further, you forced him to sit on the sidelines during your games. I have a zero-tolerance policy with respect to bullying. I have a strict policy of inclusion. You have violated both policies.

“You must learn to judge a person not by appearance, but by abilities.

“You are all suspended from now until the night before Christmas.” Read More»

Dear government, give our rights back

I have a simple request for Christmas this year. We all got a certain gift over 200 years ago and my request is that it merely be returned back to us.

I would like to have my rights back!

I do not need a pretty bow or wrapping paper, just hand them back in their original condition, please.

In case you did not get the memo, Dec. 15 was Bill of Rights Day. Instead of a celebration of the magnificent document safeguarding our liberty, the day is better suited for mourning a lost treasurer. Read More»

Bypass opponents request commission institute monthly report

Open letter to the Fayette County Commission: Our public officials have held homeowners and property owners in the vicinity of the West Fayetteville Bypass hostage for more than four years.

We go to sleep every night and wake up every morning with West Bypass construction and destruction looming over our heads. We cannot plan for the future. We cannot sell our homes or property. Our daily lives are filled with insecurity.

Fayette taxpayers provided the money to build the West Bypass. Fayette homeowners were forced to relinquish their property and some of their homes. All for what? Read More»

Mayor: PTC Police doing a good job

Recently my wife and I attended the Police Department Christmas Party. We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to the Rotary for sponsoring the event. As well their support for the Fire Department and all their other endeavors.

When you see the men and women of the Police Department, review the list of the accomplishments and talk with them, it is no wonder that they have been honored repeatedly on a nationwide and state basis. They accomplish so much with such a small number of personnel. Read More»

Supporter: Better a camp than homes

I am writing in support of Camp Southern Ground. Of all the neighbors affected by the rezoning request for the camp, I will be affected as much as anyone.

I share over 1,500 feet of property line with the subject property; whatever happens there, I will see and hear. My driveway is immediately adjacent to the proposed entrance to the camp; when I’m coming and going I’ll be in whatever seasonal traffic there is. Read More»

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