Letters to the Editor

Mayor: PTC Police doing a good job

Recently my wife and I attended the Police Department Christmas Party. We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to the Rotary for sponsoring the event. As well their support for the Fire Department and all their other endeavors.

When you see the men and women of the Police Department, review the list of the accomplishments and talk with them, it is no wonder that they have been honored repeatedly on a nationwide and state basis. They accomplish so much with such a small number of personnel. Read More»

Supporter: Better a camp than homes

I am writing in support of Camp Southern Ground. Of all the neighbors affected by the rezoning request for the camp, I will be affected as much as anyone.

I share over 1,500 feet of property line with the subject property; whatever happens there, I will see and hear. My driveway is immediately adjacent to the proposed entrance to the camp; when I’m coming and going I’ll be in whatever seasonal traffic there is. Read More»

Big box likes some vets more than others

Recently I went to a Big Box home improvement store in Peachtree City that gives veterans a 10 percent discount.

I was advised by the store that a Georgia driver’s license with the word veteran on the bottom of the license was not proper identification and would no longer be a valid means of veteran identification.

On further conversation with the Big Box store’s customer service department I was advised that the 10 percent discount is for active duty, reservist, retired or disabled veterans and families only. That is admirable. Read More»

Celebrating blue ribbon for PTC Elementary

I can close my eyes and see myself squatting on the cracked blacktop with my best friend Wendy playing jacks. The double-dutch ropes are cracking the ground somewhere over my shoulder.

My second-grade teacher Ms. Biddle’s room was decorated with her love of frogs. Mr. Teribury’s fifth-grade class was where my first crush broke my heart. Funny the things we remember even after 35 years.

It whispers to us on Wisdom Road like an old friend. I didn’t get the meaning of the street name until I was an adult. Read More»

Making Plan B pills over-the -counter for pre-teen girls ‘pure evil’

I am surprised to find myself in agreement with the Obama administration. The Department of Health and Human Services just overruled the FDA and refused to allow Plan B — which is used within three days of conception to terminate pregnancy — to be sold over the counter to minors.

I won’t speculate about the motives for this unprecedented move and am pretty sure the progressive forces which seem to run our country will eventually get their twisted way. Read More»

Get the word out about Real Life Center

Sometimes news has to be shouted from the mountain tops or, in our case, The Citizen. I recently had an opportunity to see first-hand the most amazing non-profit ever, the Real Life Center in Tyrone.

Over the summer people kept telling me to go meet Cathy Berggren, the director of the Real Life Center. I scheduled a meeting and she showed me around and shared their mission. I tried not to let on how blown away I was. Read More»

What no one is saying about Canadian oil

The tar sand, heavy, sour crude oil, flowing from Canada to Gulf Coast refineries, will not decrease our dependency on unstable countries to feed our oil needs. The U.S. is a gasoline-driven country; the rest of the world runs, basically, on diesel fuel.

The world cannot keep keep up with the demand for diesel fuel. Presently, new refineries are being built around the world to bring more diesel to the marketplace. At the same time, older refineries are being retooled to accommodate this demand for diesel. Read More»

A wreck and what happened next

I recently attended court in Tyrone as an eyewitness to the accident on July 4 which nearly claimed my son’s life.

The person who was driving the vehicle which struck my son’s vehicle was fined $110 for “Following too closely.” Case closed. See ya later.

But I started at the end so let me begin at the beginning. On July 4th of this year I was travelling north on Ga. Highway 74, my 18-year-old son following me in a second vehicle. Read More»

Most troublesome finding about DAPC: Lack of financial controls

I was a member of a citizens’ group that requested an open records review of the Development Authority of Peachtree City (DAPC) on Oct. 17, 2011. Having worked in banking and finance for most of my professional career, I share accounts’ and auditors’ concerns for strong internal financial controls which are essential for any organization to prevent fraud, waste and abuse.

In the Peachtree City Council meeting discussion surrounding the motion to disband DAPC, several comments were made about DAPC members buying meals for themselves, using Authority funds. Read More»

DAPC debacle: With ‘friends’ like Learnard, who needs enemies?

I would like to express my sincere appreciation and thanks for all the current volunteers of the Development Authority of Peachtree City who have voluntarily worked for the betterment of our community over the past several years.

I firmly believe in citizens volunteering for the benefit of our community, whether it is through our churches, civic organizations, sporting associations, etc. This is exactly what the current members of DAPC have done and I wholeheartedly support and thank them for their efforts. Read More»

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