Letters to the Editor

A wreck and what happened next

I recently attended court in Tyrone as an eyewitness to the accident on July 4 which nearly claimed my son’s life.

The person who was driving the vehicle which struck my son’s vehicle was fined $110 for “Following too closely.” Case closed. See ya later.

But I started at the end so let me begin at the beginning. On July 4th of this year I was travelling north on Ga. Highway 74, my 18-year-old son following me in a second vehicle. Read More»

Most troublesome finding about DAPC: Lack of financial controls

I was a member of a citizens’ group that requested an open records review of the Development Authority of Peachtree City (DAPC) on Oct. 17, 2011. Having worked in banking and finance for most of my professional career, I share accounts’ and auditors’ concerns for strong internal financial controls which are essential for any organization to prevent fraud, waste and abuse.

In the Peachtree City Council meeting discussion surrounding the motion to disband DAPC, several comments were made about DAPC members buying meals for themselves, using Authority funds. Read More»

DAPC debacle: With ‘friends’ like Learnard, who needs enemies?

I would like to express my sincere appreciation and thanks for all the current volunteers of the Development Authority of Peachtree City who have voluntarily worked for the betterment of our community over the past several years.

I firmly believe in citizens volunteering for the benefit of our community, whether it is through our churches, civic organizations, sporting associations, etc. This is exactly what the current members of DAPC have done and I wholeheartedly support and thank them for their efforts. Read More»

Mayor hindering economic progress

The mayor’s latest editorials regarding the dissolution of the Development Authority (DAPC) has factual relevance only in his own mind.

Don Haddix directs his self-serving misinformation to that group of citizens that are on the fringe of the political circles and hopes they are too busy to check the facts.

The undeniable truth is that the biggest economic development problem we have in Peachtree City is Don Haddix. When he is not taking credit for the work of others, his meddling is still poisoning any hope for professional-led economic development in Peachtree City. Read More»

DAPC smeared in ‘politics at its worst’

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and wish all a very merry Christmas and happy New Year.

Just a couple of comments to close out 2011 and this council. Yep, a new year and new council are just a few weeks away.

The experiment in cooperation with the Fayette Senior Services is finally a happening event. Councilman Sturbaum and I began that effort in 2008. Now, in 2011 the right combination of FSS and Peachtree City staff and council is in place to move forward. The efforts by all involved, which there are many, is greatly appreciated. Read More»

Eliminating DAPC lowers taxpayers’ risk

In the Nov. 22 edition of The Citizen, Steve Allen accuses council members Fleisch, Imker, and Learnard of flipping their positions when they voted to disband DAPC.

Mr. Allen is the council candidate who was defeated in the recent election and whose hallmark has been making baseless accusations that are later empirically proven wrong or offering motherhood and apple pie election promises without offering a clue as to how to fulfill those promises.

As regards DAPC, I was part of a group that made an open records review of DAPC and encouraged council to dissolve it as an “Authority.” Read More»

A review of the 2011 Fayette County Commission: Look at 3-2 votes

As the year 2011 comes to a close, I went through my notes on the Board of Commissioners meetings. It’s easy to see the differences in our elected officials.

At the Jan. 5 meeting, Commissioner Steve Brown and Commissioner Allen McCarty asked for term limits on commissioners. They were voted down 3-2 by Chairman Herb Frady (around 20 years in office), Commissioner Lee Hearn and Commissioner Robert Horgan. Chairman Frady declared, “The voters control term limits.” Read More»

Peachtree City’s election aftermath

What resulted in this month’s election for our hometown has hopefully placed us on an even-tempered and logical approach to the various issues facing our city.

Reality is, however, that as our normal sub-20 percent voter turnout has likely given us at least two additional years of what has become a 3-2 ideological impasse. Take for example the two City Council races. Read More»

3 council members flipped on DAPC

Last Thursday, Nov. 17, 2011, the week after the Nov. 8, 2011 City Council elections, council members Imker, Learnard and Fleisch voted to dissolve our Development Authority of Peachtree City (DAPC).

It is worth noting that just four weeks ago, during the Oct. 25, 2011 candidate’s forum for the Peachtree City Council election, Eric Imker stated that he supported DAPC (The Citizen, Oct. 26, 2011, “Candidates face the public in PTC forum”): Read More»

Amateurish politics was what killed DAPC

The Development Authority of Peachtree City has been disbanded and we primarily have Don Haddix to thank. His interference, meddling, and politicizing of DAPC left the City Council with no other reasonable choice than to disband DAPC and clear the way for real economic development.

The reality is that DAPC has not been that successful or productive. In a citizen’s open records review of DAPC this past October, we found that this Authority did not have any of the internal controls one would expect from an organization that has the power to buy land and issue bonds. Read More»

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