Letters to the Editor

Commissioner Brown gives thanks for Fayette County

Living in Fayette County gives me many reasons to be thankful this [holiday season]. Sales tax revenues are increasing and home values have begun inching their way back up. Additionally, the county’s finances are in order and infrastructure maintenance issues are being addressed.

Our crime rate is low and our quality of life remains high.

Fayette County has an incredibly deep pool of human capital which is what keeps us at the top of heap, something that makes every elected official in the county thankful.

The most important things in my personal life I picked up after age 30. Read More»

Haddix: Brown should have stopped Barlow

You cannot avoid politics and religion. It is impossible because everyone believes in something.

By definition and per the Supreme Court, even atheism is a religion.

Everyone has a political position. On donhaddix.com I talk about Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Tea Parties.

The controversy involving Commissioner David Barlow and Chairman Steve Brown involves both.

The two county newspapers, including the blog of one, have covered the statements by Barlow attacking Democrats at the commission meeting as well as the NAACP on Facebook. They also contain Brown’s comments. Read More»

Fayette is spouting stormwater propaganda

According to the Nov. 5 article in The Citizen, Steve Brown and Steve Rapson would like us to believe that through their efforts they are caring for Fayette County citizens. These county leaders initiated three meetings in 2013 with citizens concerned about the county’s levy against them for stormwater management.

The following example indicates how these county leaders falsify statements and lead the people into believing that the county is going forward to help private citizens with their problems. Read More»

I lost four-fifths of my vote in ‘success’

This is in response to Mr. Jones’ letters in the Dec. 3 issue of The Citizen.

If you rig an event such that the outcome is inevitable, is it considered a success? If you did that in professional sports or gaming enterprises, you’d be charged with criminal activity.

But the NAACP thinks their federally “rigged” ghetto to be a success: the majority-minority 5th district of Fayette County, Ga., elected a black person. Like Gomer Pyle was want to say, “Well, surprise, surprise.” And this is cause for celebration? Read More»

A rebuttal to NAACP’s ‘district voting success’

A voice inside tells me, “Let it go. Your words will be twisted. People may even label me with the ‘R’ trifecta: Republican, Redneck, Racist.” But to be silent in the face of a continual barrage of misrepresentations and the abuse of a law that was put in place to eliminate abuses borders on cowardice.

In the Dec. 3 edition of The Citizen, there is not one but two letters to the editor from original supporters of the lawsuit against Fayette County Board of Education and County Commission. Read More»

Why doesn’t PTC’s King get it?

Council member Mike King does not get it – He votes against PTC taxpayers.

Mr. King’s actions and omissions at the Nov. 20, 2014, City Council meeting testify to his misunderstanding and mishandling of the real issues. I am sure he will not be surprised the following points are brought to his attention.

1. After repeatedly stating the un-budgeted employee pay hike would not be funded by reserves or by a tax increase, this is what is happening and that is what Mr. King voted for. City employees are being paid their new salaries from city reserves – and depleting those reserves. Read More»

9-year-old: Qualities public officials should possess

I have attached a letter that my 9-year-old grandson Gregory wrote as an assignment that I gave him. While watching the news one day, he commented on the qualities of our leaders. After some discussion, I charged him to write out his thoughts. I think you will find this very interesting. Thank you.

Dear office, Read More»

Appealing district vote wastes $1M

Fayette County voters enthusiastically embrace district voting while elected county leaders stubbornly cling to the past. The Fayette County Board of Education wastes nearly $240,000 of taxpayer money on appeal alone. The Board of Commissioners’ mounting legal bills likely to waste double that amount with total cost of trying to cling to at-large voting likely to exceed $1 million, excluding fees owed plaintiffs’ lawyers. Read More»

Turnout signals folks tired of voting debate

I read the article in the Nov. 19, 2014 edition of The Citizen regarding the tirade of Commissioner Barlow at the Nov. 13 County Commission meeting. I will not comment on his tirade because I don’t feel it needs any comment from me.

What I found so refreshing were the comments from your readers which condemned his tirade. Their comments made me feel that the residents of Fayette County paid attention to the results of the election and the district voting system used for the election. Read More»

Councilman King: ‘My perspective on PTC pay raise’

Now that Peachtree City Council members have had more than ample opportunity to get answers to probing questions on the pay raise study, and now that Council is moving on to other matters, I would like to share my perspective.

To those unhappy with my vote on the pay study and pay raise issue; I have heard your disagreement clearly. I have also heard from roughly an equal number in support of my vote. The troubling part to me is that misconceptions and wrong assumptions linger. While every one of us is entitled to our opinion, none of us are entitled to create our own facts. Read More»