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Shayne Robinson for Post 2: ‘Invest wisely in PTC’

My name is Shayne Robinson and I have qualified to run for Post 2 in the upcoming elections.

My family and I have lived here for 14 years, and 13 of those years we have been actively involved in running the BMX track.

As a direct result of our hard work, the sport has grown from nine riders to over 300 that call PTCBMX their home track.

It is this passion and dedication for growing the sport of BMX for our community that has translated into a 7-year volunteer service on the Recreation and Special Events Advisory Board. Read More»

What does it take to fire a government worker? Act of God?

The headline reads: “Nobody loses job for water system failure.”

I say, Why not?

It seems to me it takes an act of God to dismiss any type of government employee, be it municipal, county, state or federal.

With the deaths of veterans in VA Hospitals, the staff received only reprimands; no one was fired.

State Department employees [were] killed in Libya, and there was only a statement issued by our last head of State, to wit, “What difference does it make?” Read More»

Thanks, Cathy Berggren, for serving

In 1999 the Real Life Center was started to help those hurting in Fayette County.

Right from the start, Cathy Berggren assisted in serving, praying with clients, and sorting clothes and more. In 2003, Cathy became the executive director and for the next 10 years has grown the center to two counties, two thrift stores, an orchard, a uniquely created holistically designed program to help clients, and a network of community involvement. Read More»

Brown: ‘We didn’t go far enough’

Our county has got to focus on insuring that we resolve problems quickly and efficiently if we want to be in a good position coming out of the economic recession.

You have, no doubt, read with great interest about the ongoing plight of the Fayette County Water System. Obviously, the water system reaches a large number of residents within the county. Obviously, again, we expect clean water coming to our taps.

We have all had to endure a series of very unfortunate events with the water system. Since the beginning of May, I have had a crash course in water production and delivery. Read More»

Thin out the deer

The deer population out here on Ebenezer Church Road has become a danger to drivers. The size of the deer is the largest I have seen in years.

This is a residential area and hunting with guns is not the answer. I hope some responsible [person] will read this letter and act and extend the bow hunting season for several weeks to take care of the problem before someone driving down this road is killed by a deer crossing the road and causing a wreck.

Five large deer were in my front yard fighting over apples. They show no fear of humans and are out eating night and day. Read More»

Letter #2: Why the SPLOST is good for PTC

[Editor’s note: Paul Lentz has written a series of letters exploring the dilemma underlying the SPLOST issue and his view on “the lesser of two weevils.” This is the second in that series of letters.]

There’s an old definition of “mixed emotions.” It’s seeing your worst enemy driving over a cliff ... in your new car. Nowadays, we say “conflicted.” Such is the denigration of the English language.

To say that I am conflicted about the proposed “Core Infrastructure SPLOST” is an understatement. Read More»

PTC lacks a strategic plan for repairing roads, paths

On the fiscal side of Peachtree City, a lot has happened, some of it can be confusing, so it is good to see it pulled together for a “Big Picture” overview. All the numbers provided on the budget, streets and paths are from official city documents.

Infrastructure, meaning building, facility, etc., repairs are being paid for via Facility Authority bond debt. Homeowners pay for the debt via their property tax bills. The city pays for the debt just like you pay for credit card, mortgage and other loans, with ongoing payments of principle plus interest. Read More»

Fleisch: ‘I want to continue my good work as mayor’

It is with a sense of gratitude and humility that I filed the paperwork necessary to run for mayor of Peachtree City.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work for the citizens of our city over the past four years. The economic conditions in this country during my term on council have been some of the worst in our history. Read More»

Rebutting Brown’s SPLOST defense

I was taken aback by Fayette County Commissioner Steve Brown’s letter to the editor of Aug. 14 with a headline stating that the arguments of Mr. Dennis Chase against the Fayette County Core Infrastructure SPLOST Plan (“the Plan”) were “devoid of reason.”

It appeared that Mr. Brown had turned a civil discussion, albeit in the public eye, into an ad hominem attack on Mr. Chase. In order to satisfy myself, I put the letters side-by-side, researched the plan, visited the Fayette County and the Environmental Protection Division (EPD) websites, and explored projects via Google Maps. Read More»

‘I go see Rep. Westmoreland; I leave terrified’

Politics hasn’t held a lot of interest to me, but as I watch my assets, my money, my rights, and my country fade away, I felt the need to inform myself as to the problem and what I could do to help.

After phone calls and Internet research, I went to my Congressman Lynn Westmoreland’s town hall meeting in Newnan on Tuesday.

Per my congressman, I learned that 400-plus senators and congressmen cannot solve the problems of the country. It’s up to the citizens. Read More»

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