Letters to the Editor

Evil Zimmerman vs. child Trayvon

I work for [omitted] and could get fired for publishing the following above my own name, even on my own Facebook page as it shows a point of view on something [omitted].

I keep trying to figure out why Zimmerman would attack that poor child, Trayvon, by slamming his face into the fist of that angelic little youth.

Didn’t George know that attacking the boy would hurt his nose more than it would hurt Trayvon’s fist? Read More»

God’s ‘scandalous’ grace covers gays

I was sad to see almost an entire page (July 3, Page A4), including a political cartoon, bemoaning recent advances in gay rights.

I’d like to assert that it is possible to be a devout Christian and agree with the Supreme Court decision overturning DOMA (the defense of marriage act).

And, yes, it is possible to study Holy Scripture and conclude that same-sex marriage is an acceptable expression of love in the eyes of God.

And it’s also possible for a church to welcome all people (and their families), knowing that each of us is there only because of Our Father’s scandalous grace. Read More»

How about at-large voting for Congress?

I would like for Mr. Mahoney to consider for a moment how he might feel about at-large voting for Congressmen. I understand the system doesn’t function like that but, humor me.

In the last election the Republican Party kept control of the House of Representatives. Curiously there were more votes cast for Democratic candidates throughout the country, yet there are 33 less Democrats than Republicans currently sitting in the House. Now how did that happen and is that representative of the will of the people? Read More»

Big Brother may be listening, but it’s OK

Our government, Big Brother, who constantly watches out for us, is doing it again.

Once again, Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public’s constitutional rights have been set aside temporarily in the great cause of national security. All personal communication devices you may have in your possession may be monitored by the National Security Agency to find terrorists lurking in your backyard. Read More»

Monday, Monday — Not a good day at Walmart for her

I would like to share my Monday with the people of Fayetteville.

I went into a store and came out and my car wouldn’t start. I sat there in the heat sweltering, and finally the car started, but it was obvious the battery was dying.

I made it to the Walmart in Fayetteville where I purchased [the battery], pulled in and the car died. I went inside the store and talked to the clerk. Read More»

City-county cooperation is good

I had the opportunity to represent Peachtree City along with Councilman Eric Imker in a meeting with the county government and the cities. I have developed a solid working relationship with the county and I can truly say the spirit of cooperation is excellent.

Chairman Steve Brown and the other commissioners are doing their best to reach out to the cities and find ways to build better working relationships so we can all succeed. I have been able to share some ideas on economic development and transportation improvements with the county. Read More»

District vote plan is discrimination

I am a registered Democrat in highly Republican Fayette County. I guess that makes me a minority.

For identification purposes, I am also caucasian and a professional female. There are times when I see articles or letters in this newspaper that are so blatantly “biased” toward a traditional Republican stance that I choose just to pass them by. Other times I am open to a different point of view and enjoy the reading.

The key word in the above statement is choice. Read More»

Why come if you didn’t like Fayette?

Why did you come?

This is response to the continuing battle being fought over Fayette County’s “at-large” voting system and the NAACP.

One has to wonder why blacks started coming to Fayetteville in the first place.

Was it/is it for the same reasons most white people chose to live here: a good school system, a place of conservative, family-oriented and, dare I say, Christian values? Is it because Fayette is a relatively safe place to raise your family ... relatively free (for the moment) of gangs and drugs. Is it because Fayette has a good system of governance?

Why did you come? Read More»

To Obama, some laws are optional

The move by President Obama to postpone implementation of the employer mandate until after the 2014 elections is no surprise.

He knows that once people see how the law affects them they will vote against those who voted for the “Affordable Care Act.”

The most important aspect of this action is the action itself. The President unilaterally decided not to implement an aspect of a law until he thought it would be appropriate.

This behavior is the biggest obstacle to immigration reform. We conservatives want the border closed to future illegals. We want to end this problem. Read More»

On amnesty, our legislators should repeat 2006, not 1986

As happened in 2006, amnesty has passed the Senate again.

The future of American sovereignty, security and employment access is now up to the U.S. House of Representatives, in which members must face re-election every two years.

Home on a July 4th break and gauging public resistance to another amnesty, the House GOP will meet on July 10 back in Washington to compare notes and decide how, or even if, to handle promises of future immigration enforcement.

Will the Republican-controlled House also capitulate to the amnesty coalition led by big business? We’ll see. Read More»