Letters to the Editor

Federal decision favoring district voting a travesty

In my position as chairman of the Fayette County Republican Party, I have been asked what my opinion is on the recent federal court ruling on district voting. I believe that it is travesty of justice.

I know that some readers would suggest that I obviously take that position because I am white and a Republican. However, such a suggestion is as mistaken and misguided as the recent letter submitted by Mr. John Jones in defense of the Fayette NAACP. Read More»

Mike King announces for Post 2

In announcing my candidacy for Post 2, Peachtree City Council, I pledge to do my utmost to restore the dignity of the office and the thoughtful consideration of views opposite my own.

In a democracy such as ours, each of us has a voice, but we all must support the decisions of our institution.

Being but one of five voices, I realize that my priorities for our city must be placed in context with those of the four other members of council, as each of us will have been elected on individual merits.

As such, my three primary goals for these two years are as follows: Read More»

Bloom drops out of PTC race

Last April, I announced my candidacy to run for [Post 4 on the] Peachtree City Council. I made this announcement because I wanted to invoke change. On the forefront of change, I had important issues that I wanted to address. I decided to run because I believed I could make positive changes and lead the city to improvements involving both short and long term goals.

But change can come in many different forms, and there has been change in my personal life. Read More»

In defense of the Fayette NAACP

Despite numerous false accusations lobbed at the NAACP in the media, this historic organization can only be accurately labeled as a true champion of equality, justice, diversity and inclusion.

In the early 1950s, the NAACP filed the landmark case known as Brown vs. The Board of Education and won. As a result, white and black children all over the South were required to attend the same schools like I did beginning in 1970 in Americus, Ga. Read More»

Chairman Brown: Argument by Chase ‘is devoid of reasoning’

I can honestly say I was taken aback by Dennis Chase’s letter to the editor last week with a headline stating there was “no evidence” that any of the Core Infrastructure SPLOST projects were needed.

Mr. Chase, a wildlife biologist, has worked with me on several projects in the past. I think he will tell you that I have always been inclusive in terms of his participation on any project where he has an interest. In addition, Mr. Chase has been given full access to our staff and has come to various meetings with staff at our invitation. Read More»

Historic petroglyph stolen from Line Creek Nature Area

As you may know, Southern Conservation Trust is a nonprofit organization committed to conserving our land and natural resources, promoting healthy outdoor recreation and providing environmental education for our community. The Trust is committed to ensuring a thriving, sustainable community for our children and grandchildren.

As Trust volunteers explore and plan our public use nature areas, we often discover historical elements that provide a glimpse into a rich cultural heritage of Fayette County and the Southern Crescent. Read More»

Public has a right to untainted water

A comment on the statement by our County Water System Director, that, although high levels of manganese may cause our water to look murky, it is otherwise safe to drink (The Citizen, Aug. 9):

No, no, no, Mr. Parrott, you have given us absolutely no reason to believe that the manganese makes the water either safe or unsafe to drink.

The most critical factor, of course, in potential poisoning cases is the chemical nature of a material.

We’re lucky on that score this time: according to the Merck Index, manganese and most of its ordinary compounds are fairly benign. Read More»

Parents – Don’t be deceived about data collecting on your children

In response to the article by Bill Maddox with Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education where he claims Common Core does not require the collection of any data about students:

I always find it interesting that the proponents of Common Core nationalized standards never provide proof of what they claim. So, in my response I will supply the documentation so parents can do their own research to know the truth about the privacy issues surrounding the collecting of data on their children. Read More»

Biggest water problem is bad management

No one (except perhaps the newest comers) should have been surprised by the information in Ben Nelms’ recent article on the dire state of Fayette County’s water systems.

Over the last 20 years or so, there have been numerous incidents of drinking water contamination by a variety of pathways, with a large proportion of cases showing evidence of lack of knowledge or sloppy implementation.

Nevertheless, the same management remains in place. Read More»

Harmony for the sake of harmony does not serve citizens well

A response to the article on the upcoming election is warranted.

It is real easy to label and criticize the contentious atmosphere that has enveloped the current [Peachtree City] Council. But, you need to look deeper to discover the merits of the disagreements.

Discussions, disagreements and debates are needed. Harmony for the sake of harmony does not serve the citizens.

Issues that arise have consequences, both short- and long-term, for both the city and the citizens. Middle or common ground can be quicksand. Read More»

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