Letters to the Editor

It’s holiday season: Time to embrace military families

Dear citizens of Fayette County,

“The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive the veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation.”

This quote is often attributed to George Washington. Unfortunately, he didn’t actually say it, and further research has not divulged the name of the wise person who did. But no matter, it does ring true. Read More»

Voter turnout shows Fayette full of ‘worthless citizens’

I have two words for the 4,763 people who voted in the Nov. 5 municipal election in Peachtree City: Thank you.

I have one word for the 17,622 registered voters in Peachtree City (about 80 percent of the electorate) who did not vote: Shame, shame, shame!

That same word applies to the 85 percent of registered voters in Fayette County who didn’t vote: Shame!

Even without hearing your excuses, I would bet that not a dozen of them are worth the powder to blow them to hell. Read More»

Rebuttal: In defense of Congressman Lynn Westmoreland

I would like to disagree with Mr. Neil Monroe on Lynn Westmoreland and the Tea Party.

I too have been a long-standing Republican. I was an “I like Ike” kid when I was 10 years old.

To begin with, Lynn Westmoreland showed a lot of backbone when he stood up and questioned the judgment of putting Muslims of questionable background in sensitive areas of our government. The last person to do this was Joe McCarthy. Read More»

Pota Coston, you are good candidate

In a day and age where most candidates only provide lip service and their actions show far less there has been one candidate from Tyrone who gained so many people’s respect because we saw her actions way before we heard her speak.

Pota Coston, thank you for being a candidate we can be proud of. You gained my attention and respect when you were the only politician to work a food drive and worked it with a humble servants heart and attitude for over three hours. Read More»

Thanks, PTC cops, EMTs

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Corporal Hughes of the Peachtree City Police Department for coming to the aid of our son after he recently had a golf cart accident.

Corporal Hughes was kind and compassionate to our son, who also suffered injuries in the crash.

We would further like to extend our thanks to the paramedics on duty from Station 83 in Peachtree City who came to the aid of our son, as well. Read More»

Obamacare & a Boston booster

I was on a flight back home from Boston a few weeks ago, and as I and my fellow travelers were preparing to extricate ourselves from our oh so comfortable coach seats, I struck up small talk with a nice woman who had been unfortunate enough to spend the last two hours in the center seat next to me. Read More»

A cartoon view of science is not funny

The editorial cartoon (“What’s the long-term forecast?” versus what will be the weekend weather) in the Nov. 2-3 weekend edition of The Citizen is neither funny nor satirical.

It is an expression of ignorance about the difference between climate and weather. It is an expression of the anti-science and, indeed, anti-enlightenment attitude that seems to pervade our national leadership and too many of the rest of us. Read More»

Reader spooked by paper’s Halloween link to sex offenders

I am responding to The Citizen vol. 21, No. 1,008 from Wednesday, Oct 30.

I love Halloween. Autumn has always been my favorite season, and Halloween was always the grand finale for me as a kid.

Being at the age where I am too old to partake in the Halloween festivities that children enjoy, yet not having kids of my own to take trick-or-treating, my Halloweens these days are little more than a night-long marathon of scary movies. Nonetheless, I still look forward to Oct. 31 like I did when I was young. Read More»

PTC’s outstanding library, staff deserve some praise

A public letter of praise from me to the staff of the Peachtree City Public Library is long overdue.

Since our daughter was about 3, our family has taken her to the library. Now, at age 5, when she hears that we are going to the library, her excitement level rates about the same as if we said we were taking her out for yogurt at TCBY.

The staff has worked hard to create a kid-friendly environment, stock the shelves with nourishing, fun brain food, and consistently been just as friendly as can be to me and my little learner during our visits. Read More»

Westmoreland needs fresh ideas

I’m a conservative and have voted and contributed to GOP candidates since the mid-1970s; heck, I even voted for Hal Suit for governor in 1970.

That said, I’m extremely disappointed in our local Republican congressman, Lynn Westmoreland. Together with other Tea Partiers, he chose to follow a wrong-headed strategy that put this nation at grave economic risk. Read More»