Letters to the Editor

Don’t stigmatize those with OCD

In an average elementary school there are likely five children suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

In a medium to large high school, there are typically 20 students battling OCD.

And in a workplace of 500, there would be about five employees who have OCD, most likely hiding their symptoms from their colleagues.

OCD is in our community and residents of Fayette County should not feel ashamed or embarrassed. Read More»

Why you should vote NO on the infrastructure SPLOST

The Fayette County SPLOST proposal is simply wrong. Vote NO. And here is why you should vote no. Fayette County is taking the wrong approach to stormwater management and especially to funding stormwater projects.

The first thing the Fayette County Stormwater Department should do is create a Master Stormwater Drainage Plan. Read More»

Grady Ave. project threatens quality of neighborhood

We live in the historic Victorian on the roundabout at Grady Avenue and Beauregard Boulevard and strongly oppose the proposed “Stella Place” on Grady and its apartments.

We have visited our neighbors on and around Grady, including those in Beauregard Trace and Sparrows Cove, to discuss “Stella Place.” The overwhelming majority strongly oppose the development and, in particular, any apartments on Grady. (No one favored the development.) They were eager to sign a petition against the development. Read More»

Tell F’ville Council if you don’t like high density development

This is a heads up that the Fayette City Council will be holding a hearing on the 376 units on 38 acres this Thursday night at 7 p.m. If you oppose high density development in Fayette County, best be there. And thanks to all the people who responded to my last letter. I have printed the emails and taken them over to the city of Fayetteville.

As a quick review: This project first went through the City Planning and Zoning Department. There were several hearings and at each one of those hearings citizens made their concerns known. Read More»

Dumping animals a problem here

Many of Fayette County’s challenges are addressed in letters to the editor. I would like to mention an issue that is unknown to many residents and not discussed much publicly, but is well known and experienced by animal rescue groups as well as by residents who have experienced the problem first hand.

There is a serious overpopulation of cats!

In the past, cats have typically produced two litters per year, but that seems to be increasing, perhaps due to Georgia’s mild climate. Kittens as young as four months can get pregnant, often surprising their owners. Read More»

Writers on shutdown display their own indulgences

As expected, The Citizen of Wednesday Oct. 9, 2013 had articles attempting to show the correctness of the government shutdown orchestrated by our politicians in the Congress. The submissions by Mr. Garlock and Congressman Westmoreland did this. If the media had not been blanketed by hourly coverage of this deadlock, one would have swallowed whole the spin of both writers. Read More»

Obamacare promises mostly based on magic outcomes

I do enjoy the commentaries of Mr. Sowell and Mr. Williams that are regularly printed in this paper. They both break so many stereotypes and continue to speak truth to power. Having said that, I do take exception with an analogy posed in Mr. Sowell’s letter this past weekend.

While I absolutely agree that the Republicans have a messaging problem, in his opinion piece, Mr. Sowell states that “Democrats ... could sell refrigerators to Eskimos before Republicans could sell them blankets.” Read More»

Brown: Must seize opportunities for Fayette’s future

Fayette County drifted into a state of dormancy prior to the recession. There was no vision. Once the recession hit, we began a slow decline with property values sinking and sales tax revenue flattening.

Our economic fog will soon be lifting. It is absolutely imperative that we get our county back to a competitive state of mind.

Fayette rode the top of the quality of life wave for over a decade. Our stellar statistical accomplishments were the envy of the entire state. Read More»

Grady Ave. plan is far too dense

Now is the time for every citizen in Fayette County to make their feelings known to the Fayetteville City Council that high density development should not be allowed in this county.

A precedent is about to be set that will adversely affect all of us and the future of Fayette County. Most of us moved here to avoid heavy traffic and crime, to enjoy larger lots and a rural atmosphere. Read More»

Whose shutdown is it? It belongs to us

It is not Obama’s shutdown; it is not the Tea Party’s shutdown. It is neither the Republicans’ shutdown nor the Democrats’ shutdown. It is our shutdown. Ours, as in “we the people.”

It is ours because we have allowed the national media — both liberal and conservative — to do our thinking for us.

It is ours because we accept as fact and as being important the anecdotes about who will and will not be “hurt” by the shutdown.

It is ours because we accept as fact pundits’ assertions about who is in control of the machinery of the shutdown. Read More»

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