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Some facts for Mr. Parker . . .

[Editor’s note: This is in response to Timothy Parker’s letter of Jan. 15.]

Thank you, Mr. Parker, for your commentary on my article, “Ms. Willis’ socialism column nonfactual.” However, you are mistaken when you qualify my article as “nonfactual” on a couple of fronts.

1. The most glaring mistake you make is failing to recognize that my account is from the perspective of someone who was actually there in Vietnam during the post-Vietnam War period.

Any historian will tell you that first-hand accounts are the most valued sources of research when seeking to understand an event. Read More»

Let MLK , Jr. Day be Equality Day

As we once again celebrate a great orator, leader and inspirational figure, we must also realize there’s a correct and equal way to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.

No other holiday is named for just one person. President’s Day is for all presidents, Memorial Day is for all those who died in wars, Mother’s Day is for all mothers and Veterans Day is for all veterans. All of these holidays are for those regardless of religion, sex or race. (Columbus Day should be renamed Founders Day or Discovery Day and Christmas is a religious holiday). Read More»

Ms. Willis’ socialism column nonfactual

I find it difficult to get to the substance of Ms. Willis’ article when the premise seems to be that the socialist party started making promises to the Vietnamese people and then took over following the Vietnam War.

The North Vietnamese army, the military vestige of a communist totalitarian state, defeated the South Vietnamese in battle and seized control. I don’t think there were any promises made by socialists to achieve this. Read More»

Climate ‘warming’ should be ‘change’

Global warming is over. It is a tired and trite phrase and presents a poor picture of reality.

It is time for a new paradigm: global climate change. The greenhouse effect, which traps heat in Earth’s atmosphere warming the land and the oceans, is only one aspect of global climate change.

Heat-powered high and low pressure systems such as the “arctic vortex” that pulled freezing air into Fayette County recently are another.

Rising ocean levels from thermal expansion and melting ice are another. Read More»

Will Peachtree City be divided into 2 voting districts?

The title of a Bob Dylan song says it well, “The Times They Are A-Changin.’”

That is very true for the county and County Commission. For those not sure of what is going on and its meaning, it bears serious examination.

How have the commissioners been elected to date? The county was divided into three geographical areas know as districts. Each of those districts produced commission candidates for one post each, specifically Posts 1 through 3. To run for those posts you had to live within the district the post represented Read More»

Labor’s defeat by Boeing portends bad news for working class, decline for U.S.

Late last week while having my morning coffee I listened to an interesting news item aired on NPR. It briefly reported that the Boeing Company and its machinists agreed that if Boeing manufactured its latest model aircraft in the Seattle area, the machinists would give the company significant wage and benefit concessions. Read More»

Water system is mismanaged

When I asked the cost of the park at the foot of Lake McIntosh, I was told, “One hundred and fifty thousand dollars.”

That sounded low, so I read minutes of the Water Committee and of the Board of Commissioners.

I found nearly $1 million in expenses, not counting some roadwork done by county Public Works, but including $5,000 for a bronze and granite monument to “memorialize” about 30 politicians and Mr. Tony Parrott. (You may recall he was demoted following the 2013 “stinky water” and other debacles.) Read More»

Barlow uses ‘snide, personal attacks’

I was very disappointed to read the article that headlined your Jan. 1, 2014 edition of The Citizen, the article which uses snide personal attacks from Mr. Barlow, a fellow Fayette County commissioner, to malign Commission Chairman Steve Brown.

Surely Steve deserves better than to be tarred with the scandalous brush of someone with an obvious vendetta against him.

So the Atlanta Regional Commission “despises” Steve Brown? Are we to take Mr. Barlow’s word for that, or did anyone actually contact a member of the Atlanta Regional Commission to find out what the real situation was? Read More»

4-way stop: No promises

I believe that I am the person who initiated the request for some accommodation to allow golf carts to cross Redwine Road at the Quarters/Birkdale intersection.

The presidents of the Whitewater Creek and Highgrove subdivisions have shared my interest in finding a way to meet this need.

After considerable discussion we all agreed that the most practical approach would be to install a four-way stop at the intersection. Read More»

Can we even believe Barlow?

After reading the article about Brown vs. Barlow I had to respond.

First, the article says, “Barlow contends if Brown wants to publish his title with such writings, he should get input from his fellow commissioners before sending them, or instead simply sign it in his individual role as ‘Fayette County Commissioner.’”

Since when does someone with a title have to ask others if he has permission to use it? Is this in the rules somewhere or is Mr. Barlow just making up things as he goes? Read More»

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