Letters to the Editor

An ongoing delicate dance: Death in life

Open caskets at funerals are a dance with death. The waxen look of a dead loved one or friend presents a strange sensation. We may wonder, What happened? The animation of life is gone from them. We are sure of that. There can be no conversation, only our tears and memories.

Our adjustment to that phase of the death experience is helped by family and friends who gather around us. We talk, comfort, reminisce, cry, and laugh while we dance with death. But is that all there is? Is that the only time we sit alongside death? It is not. Read More»

Our country is honored to have servants like Lt. Robert Collins

How many of us spent this past weekend building memories with our children? I had the pleasure of practicing baseball with my 12-year-old son on Saturday morning. I was in heaven while my 9-year-old daughter sat with me at Starbuck’s during our weekly bonding session.

She is adamant about preparing my coffee just right. She then proceeds to read me the differences in taste and boldness that describe each type of coffee in the Starbuck’s promotional book. How could life be any better? Read More»

Teachers: Holocaust butterflies a symbol

This is our one-time response to the Rising Starr Middle School parent who wrote in on March 31. Hopefully, it will clarify any misconceptions about the Holocaust butterfly assignment.

Georgia Performance Standards mandate the teaching of the Holocaust. 1.6 million children were killed by the Nazi regime during the Holocaust. The sheer number of children who died is a difficult concept for anyone to comprehend. Read More»

Freedom vs. Obama’s ‘spreading the wealth’

My name is Michelle Fallon and I am 13 years old. I attend Trinity Christian School and am in seventh grade. My mom, Cindy Fallon, is the president of the South Atlanta TEA Party. She is continually trying to educate me on the history of our country, and the countries that have come before ours.

I was sitting in history class one day and we were talking about the differences between the American War for Independence and the French Revolution. Read More»

Dangerous intersection on Hwy. 92 at Chanticleer must be fixed

Cutbacks are an obvious reality and a necessary answer to many of the problems brought about by an economic recession. However, there is one thing that overwhelmingly trumps any amount on a price tag at the end of the day: safety.

On the southside of Fayette County at the intersection of Ga. Highway 92, Chanticleer’s Marion Boulevard and Kingswood Way, a very real problem exists that jeopardizes every citizen’s most valuable possession, their lives. Read More»

PTC must do more to silence loud CSX freight trains on 74

I moved to Peachtree City back in June of 2008. I chose Peachtree City for the great living in the overall peacefulness of the area. I purchased my home in the Cedarcroft subdivision knowing my home would be right next to the CSX railroad track.

But also knowing that there were no railroad crossings in the area, I thought there would be no horn sounds. Boy, was I wrong. Read More»

Adams sees America as ‘half full’; but USA is more than that

I was disappointed to read Pepper Adams’s open letter apologizing to the children of this nation. He clearly sees America’s glass as half-empty. I see it as not only half-full but almost to the top.

Mr. Adams and I are from separate generations. He is a Baby Boomer and I am Generation X, so that means we clearly have a different perspective. His generation may be disappointed in themselves, but they only have themselves to blame. Read More»

Vote online to pay for more dump bags

I would like to take this opportunity to say how wonderful it was to read the story in last week’s Citizen about Mary Dewerff and her Dump Bag Project.

What a great idea! It’s always so refreshing to read positive stories about our local citizens making such a difference in the lives of others, especially our recuperating soldiers.

Thank you to all of the kind people involved in this project. I hope everyone will take a moment to vote for the Dump Bag Project at www.refresheverything.com, for their chance to receive funding for more dump bags. Read More»

Earwood: Great coach, great man

As most of your readers are aware, Coach Mike Earwood will be the new head football coach at Our Lady of Mercy after spending 12 seasons at the helm at Starr’s Mill, amassing an exceptional record of 90-48, a .652 winning percentage. My wife and I are just two of what I would guess would be hundreds of parents whose sons were fortunate to have played under his direction. Read More»

PTC Council mistaken not to approve sprinkler rule for new homes

The City Council showed their extreme shortsightedness and succumbed (read “caved-in”) to specious arguments by representatives of the local builders group in voting down, 4-1, the proposed ordinance which would have required sprinklers in all new, single family construction.

Only Councilwoman [Kim] Learnard displayed genuine concern for lives and property, for which great thanks are owed for her courage. (The ordinance would have also required installation in instances of remodeling greater than 50 percent of the home value). Read More»