Letters to the Editor

In praise of PTC’s Imker

Recently John Munford wrote a wonderfully written article, “Councilman: PTC has too many workers” (The Citizen, Feb. 3, 2010). At a time where spending has gotten so out of control with federal and local governments, [Councilman Eric] Imker brings common-sense economics back. This lone wolf seems to be making a huge splash for a newly-elected councilman, one that was way overdue.

I praise Imker’s tough stance on cutting taxes, balancing budgets, and cutting spending. I applaud Imker on his lone voice that we don’t need to enlarge the Ga. Highway 54 golf cart bridge. Read More»

Some local businesses break wage law in paying teen employees

We send our children to school for 12 years, and in their 12th year, they are allowed to do a work program. Sounds good. How much do they teach in this work program, or do they just get rid of them for the remainder of the day? Let me tell you what they don’t teach our kids before they go into the workforce. Read More»

Save blame for later; right now Haiti needs mercy and our love

The recent earthquake in Haiti is a disaster of incalculable magnitude. Haiti, a nation only a few hundred miles from the coast of Florida, is in another struggle for survival.

Life in Haiti is not easy. It lacks many of the institutional structures that provide for the basic well-being of the population. A devastating earthquake has rocked the island nation that is already the poorest in the Western Hemisphere. Read More»

Thanks for helping soldiers’ families for holidays

Dear citizens of Fayette County: Wow! It was absolutely amazing to see the faces of so many brave little soldiers at Fort Benning when Santa came into the room laden with all of the wonderful gifts you so generously donated this past holiday season.

I know it’s a cliche, but they lit up like a Christmas tree and their collective glee sounded like a chorus of angels.

What a joy it was to be able to see these children having such a good time when so much of their days and nights revolve around wondering when – or if – mommy or daddy is coming home from the war. Read More»

Time to expose progresssives for what they are

The progressive movement is on the move again – the lunatic fringe of liberal thinking. It is the home of everything that you despise, such as income tax, prohibition, and the Federal Reserve. The United Nations is also progressive. The President and Secretary of State have referred to themselves as progressives.

Progressivism is the idea that people are the cause of problems and only big government can provide the solutions. It is the idea that life is just too complex for the little people to understand. Read More»

Westmoreland right on most things: Get government out of the way

This is in response to Robinson, Carter and Browning.

I recently read your articles blasting our fine representative Westmoreland in The Citizen.

While this is not an attempt to cover every point the three of you tried to make, here are my thoughts:

If President Obama were clearly interested in keeping us safe, he would immediately fire his attorney general for not allowing the interrogation of the Christmas day terrorist for more than 50 minutes. A detective would have spent more time questioning a shoplifter than that. Read More»

Why independent voters will decide the outcome of the 2010 elections

Last month, the independent voters of Massachusetts unleashed their frustration with the Obama administration by electing a Republican to a seat held by the Democrats for almost 50 years.

Republicans should not think that the Massachusetts win means voters have seen the light and are returning to the GOP. Remember, in the Bay State Democrats outnumber Republicans 3 to 1 and independents outnumber the Democrats 2 to 1. Read More»

PTC budget crunch: Take these steps

Peachtree City’s budget dilemma isn’t new, nor is it unique, but we could be unique if we decide to actually do something about it.

Previous administrations may well have seen this coming, but they elected to roll the dice in hopes of better economic times. Those who “buried their heads in the sand” may even have known that these good economic times would have hidden the problems from view to all but the most astute. Read More»

Paquin’s tax solution same old class warfare

I have read and enjoyed Claude Paquin articles in the past, but his last article (”Some bold tax suggestions for legislators”) disappoints.

He begins by giving three choices to balance the state budget: reduce expenses, increase revenues or a little of both, but he focuses entirely on increasing revenues.

This tells me that he believes that government should always have the money it deems necessary to achieve its goals. Read More»

It’s Westmoreland who doesn’t ‘get it’

I believe that Rep. Lynn Westmoreland’s trashing of the President was totally uncalled for. It is Westmoreland who doesn’t “get it.”

President Obama inherited all the mess from Bush, now the Republicans are trying to pass the blame to Obama.

I don’t agree with all in the healthcare bill, either. However, something must be done to control the healthcare costs. Instead of calling names, a child’s tactic, try sitting down and talking about how to make it better. Read More»