Letters to the Editor

McCarty: Will treat citizens with respect

My name is Allen McCarty and I’ve lived in Fayette County for 15 years. As a candidate for county commissioner, I feel the voters deserve to know exactly who I am and what I stand for.

I’m not a politician; I am a retired television engineer with experience primarily in management, broadcasting, and station construction. I’ve built TV stations from Atlanta to Salt Lake City, working very closely with all phases of government in the process. Read More»

Maxwell: Will fight MARTA ‘’til hell freezes over’

It appears to me that there are those who wish to distort the facts concerning the role that the current Fayette County Board of Commissioners has with current transportation issues. I write this letter to set the record straight and to address some of the misinformation that is being spread as a result of contested political races. Read More»

Run for the cure? How about racing to find the cause of cancer?

To start with, let me say I have had breast cancer. Thanks to a wonderful female doctor who found mine in time, I am still here 10 years later.

Now to my point of view that gives me a sick feeling in my stomach each and every year women get all worked up for the Susan G. Komen run for the CURE. Read More»

Brown: Personal attacks meant to distract from facts

First, I send warm thoughts of thanks to all our mothers and grandmothers for Mother’s Day. I am involved in a lot of community activities, and have proudly served along side some of the wonderful moms in Fayette County. No one multi-tasks like a Fayette County mom.

In addition, congratulations to all of our new graduates. I am certain your families are bursting with pride over your achievement. Read More»

Young columnist to be commended

Congratulations to Michael Carroll, sixth-grader at J.C. Booth Middle School, for his outstanding essay (“Serving homeless people gives new perspective on our comforts,” published in the May 5 issue of The Citizen.) I’d give him an A-plus for content as well as quality of writing. Read More»

Commissioners Smith, Maxwell must answer for West Bypass

I came across an old article dated July 16, 2009 where Jack Smith was quoted as saying, “Voters approved the (West Fayetteville) bypass in the last SPLOST. The money is there. the only thing that can stop that project from moving forward now is a court order.”

Yet, seven months later, the project has stalled. It’s now in the hands of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, where it has been sitting since early March. Read More»

Feds and oil slicks just don’t mix well

Too bad it’s been a slow news cycle. It seems as if there’s nothing to talk about. So, let’s talk about the little oil puddle in the Gulf of Mexico.

Ever hear of a fire boom? Not to worry, apparently, the federal government forgot what they are as well.

A fire boom is a large structure that can be towed to an oil spill during its early stages to burn the oil off of the water. Oddly enough, this keeps the oil from washing up on the shore and killing off wildlife and destroying local economies. Read More»

The big picture? How about green fuel?

This letter is in response to “Oil spills and the big picture,” by William Murchison in last Saturday’s The Citizen.

Mr. Murchison assumes that the news of the oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico is the “small picture,” as related to this country’s “need” for the “black, yucky stuff from way below the seabed,” which he describes as the “big picture,” and that our “need” for this black, yucky stuff, is “nonnegotiable.”

Last night on Fox News’ Geraldo Show, Michael Brown, former FEMA director, via telephone call to Geraldo, stated that “there are 4,000 oil wells in the Gulf.” Read More»

Book lover asks for help to save B&N

A month ago I heard sad news for our community that the Barnes & Noble bookstore located in Fayetteville is about to close.

I remember when I first moved to Fayetteville and I did not have a job, friends and family, so I used to go frequently to the bookstore and spent many hours there, lost in the reading of different kinds of books, eating a delicious desert, with the help of such as wonderful workers who were ready to help every customer. Read More»

Judges go bad and public stays in dark

The world within our judicial branch can be a creepy place at times. The average citizen has no idea about some of the frolicking that takes place behind the scenes at some of our houses of justice. In fact, to be totally honest, I had to think very carefully before writing this out of fear of retribution from the Superior Court one day. But here we go. Read More»

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