Letters to the Editor

Predictable race card disappoints

I was disappointed, but not surprised by Mr. Lowry’s “response” to my recent letter.

Instead of discussing the issues, Mr. Lowry took the low road and inappropriately played the race card.

Fortunately, I heard from several members of the black community who agreed with me that the actions of the NAACP were not only hypocritical, but divisive.

Mr. Lowry, you may haughtily think you “won,” but if the federal court decision is not overturned, we all lose.

Scott Fabricius, chairman

Fayette County Republican Party

Fayetteville, Ga.

Right must learn to form coalitions to win

We on the right must learn how to form coalitions.

Why do conservative people have trouble forming coalitions? Why do we have all or nothing approaches to politics. “If the party does not adopt every last one of my beliefs, I am going to stay home on Election Day” (sounds like “I am going to take my ball and go home,” doesn’t it?).

The Democrats (socialist, progressives, or whatever you want to call them) have ruled successfully for 80 years based on the formation of coalitions between very unlikely partners. Read More»

5th letter: Lesser of two weevils

[Editor’s note: Paul Lentz has written a series of letters exploring the dilemma underlying the SPLOST issue. This is the fifth and last in that series of letters.]

Once, there was a little boy who wanted a boll weevil for a pet. The pet store only had two, a big one and a little one. Thinking the little one wouldn’t eat as much, the boy chose the lesser of the two weevils.

So far, I’ve pointed out four objections to the proposed Core Infrastructure SPLOST, and one reason to vote for it. In case you didn’t read the earlier letters, here’s a summary of the objections. Read More»

Take your family to Inman Farm Days

A lot of our younger families in Fayette County have missed out on the experiences of living and working on the farm. Agriculture was the once a way of life for most everyone in Fayette County back in the old days.

I strongly encourage you to take the kids to the local Inman Farm Heritage Days right here in beautiful Fayette County on Sept. 20-22. They will enjoy a fun cultural experience and admission is free. Read More»

Remembering Sept. 11, 2001

Sept. 11, 2001 is my generation’s day that will live in infamy.

Four aircraft under the control of 19 terrorist hijackers would reshape our view of the world and our own sense of national security.

It was a day full of fear and sorrow, but it was also a day of great courage and national unity.

I know that I changed after September 2001. I was supposed to be on a flight at Boston’s Logan International Airport just hours after the hijacked planes from Boston took off. Read More»

4th letter: The commissioners’ SPLOST shell game

[Editor’s note: Paul Lentz has written a series of letters exploring the dilemma underlying the SPLOST issue. This is the fourth in that series of letters.]

A fatal flaw in the “Fayette County Core Infrastructure SPLOST Plan” (“the Plan”) is the County Commissioners’ apparent misunderstanding of what “stormwater management” means. Read More»

Fabricius shows Fayette’s ‘inherent racism’

As a plaintiff in the NAACP lawsuit against the Fayette County Board of Commissioners and the Board of Education, the article written by the chairman of the Fayette County Republican Party, Mr. Fabricius, more than justifies the lawsuit, which we WON.

The comments of Mr. Fabricius shows the inherent racism that has been practiced by Fayette County politicians and voters for decades. It is obvious by his tirade about the “travesty” of district voting, simply because African Americans want and demand the right to have full participation in county politics. Read More»

Cathy Haddix for Post 3: ‘We have spending problem’

There was hope up to the last minute that another citizen would come forward to challenge Kim Learnard. This not being the case, I am announcing my candidacy for Post 3.

It has become clear by the votes taken and the agendas proposed by my opponent, along with Vanessa Fleisch and Eric Imker, that her vein of thinking does not serve Peachtree City. Taxes always seem to be the fallback instead of developing a comprehensive strategic plan (CSP). Read More»

3rd letter on SPLOST: The problem of set-aside taxes

[Editor’s note: Paul Lentz has written a series of letters exploring the dilemma underlying the SPLOST issue and his view on “the lesser of two weevils.” This is the third in that series of five letters.]

I’ve already said I don’t want the County Commissioners to get $13.2 million for “Infrastructure Projects” through the proposed SPLOST because I think their plan does not justify the money.

There’s another reason I don’t like the SPLOST: I don’t think any government service should be paid for with its own tax (with one exception, which I’ll discuss shortly). Read More»

Shayne Robinson for Post 2: ‘Invest wisely in PTC’

My name is Shayne Robinson and I have qualified to run for Post 2 in the upcoming elections.

My family and I have lived here for 14 years, and 13 of those years we have been actively involved in running the BMX track.

As a direct result of our hard work, the sport has grown from nine riders to over 300 that call PTCBMX their home track.

It is this passion and dedication for growing the sport of BMX for our community that has translated into a 7-year volunteer service on the Recreation and Special Events Advisory Board. Read More»