Letters to the Editor

Brown, McCarty will take Fayette back from ‘good old boy developer crowd’

You know Steve Brown is the right choice in the July 20 County Commission election because his opponent can’t stick to the issues. The other side just keeps trying to smear him in the newspaper.

I have lived in Fayette County for many years and watched Steve Brown from the start.

It’s obvious the good old boy developer crowd is afraid of Mr. Brown. And while Mr. Brown keeps stating the facts and speaking directly to the issues, the other side keeps attacking him. Read More»

Direct PAC’s Dufresne recycles personal attacks

Around five weeks ago, in my first campaign letter to the editor, I wrote, “Remember, the incumbent’s supporters will throw out lots of personal attacks, but it will not matter. The facts are against them.” Well, that statement certainly rang true last week.

Letter writer John Dufresne let go with a torrent of accusations that made most people cringe. Read More»

Does anyone besides commissioners want West F’ville Bypass?

I attended the town hall meeting at Christ’s Church [May 24]. This was designed to acquaint the citizens with and address questions to the Republican candidates running for Fayette County commissioner. All four candidates attended, and other attendees were told they would be given time to ask questions to the candidate of their choice.

In terms of questions asked, the West Fayetteville Bypass was the hottest issue. Candidate Steve Brown has written articles in opposition to the project for some time. Read More»

Lambert: There’s another side to Bartley’s house accusations

I don’t intend to get into a name-calling contest with Bob Bartley, but I do think I am entitled to write this rebuttal in defense of my good name.

First of all, I am not the owner and never have been the owner of the home on Wexford Way. My wife’s mother continued to maintain the home, complete with all furnishings, as a secondary residence after she remarried. She planned to return to her home on Wexford Way if her elderly husband predeceased her. Read More»

Examining Tea Party’s basic platform raises even more questions

At the Constitutional Convention one of the Founding Fathers (I forget who) was quoted as saying: “It is easier to inflame than inform.” The more I see, and the more I read, and the more I understand, the Tea Party movement has dedicated itself to this easier route. In this, and undoubtedly helped by these wonderful times, the movement so far has been effective. Read More»

In praise of SCHS’s Cooper: Values win

What a joy it was to read your write-up on Sandy Creek High School’s 2010 valedictorian, Anika Cooper. Instead of rushing on to college and career, this young lady reports that she will first “travel to India this summer to spend a year working with an organization that rescues underaged girls from prostitution.”

And what does she hope to achieve in the decade ahead? Fame? Money? Nope. She says she plans to focus on helping others, “bringing justice to those who have none.” Read More»

Tea Party diversity far beyond labels

For over a year now, I have participated in and observed the machinations of local Tea Party organizations. I would like to caution those that want to label the organization in general as religious, racist or otherwise, and I include this warning to those within the movement. (My comments are in respect to the movement nationwide, not individual organizations). Read More»

PTC is NOT a private business; budget must maintain services

Now that the Peachtree City budget is in the forefront of city government once again, it seems appropriate to offer an alternate opinion to the philosophy of “I disagree with city employees who feel they should not contribute more to solving the problem. What would they do if they worked in the commercial/business world?”

The fact is that local government is not the commercial/business world. Read More»

Save the Gulf; shut down all oil wells

“Murphy’s Law” has smacked British Petroleum in the jaw.

I find it hard to believe that people are still supporting continued drilling in the Gulf, once this leak is stopped (if it ever does stop). As of this typing, we are at day 39.

There are more than 4,000 oil wells in the Gulf. A strong hurricane, aided by Murphy’s Law, could cause even more destruction along the Gulf.

It is time to close ALL of these wells, and concentrate on avenues of clean energy.

Hugh Buchanan

Peachtree City, Ga.

Former Mayor Brown a con man with trail of ethics problems

Commissioner Jack Smith has made some decisions I haven’t agreed with, but I believe him to be honest and genuinely concerned about the county and its citizens. He will receive my support in the primary election for county commission.

Steve Brown is another story all together. Brown is very personable, but so is a con man. He talks a good game, but so does a con man. And just like a con man, Brown is out for what he can get for himself. We know, similar to a con man, Mayor Brown was ethically challenged. Read More»