Letters to the Editor

Something’s not right about bidding

I just read the article about the technology bidding process. I knew something was up with the technology process back in October of 2009. Why?

I was invited, so I went to the Superintendent’s Roundtable Discussion on 21st Century Technology. I asked some questions about the presentation and had some comments about the software that was used for the presentation.

I wondered why they were still using PowerPoint when software had been developed that would fully interface with interactive whiteboard software. Read More»

New curriculum standard is a waste

After attending the Fayette County Board of Education meeting last month and listening to the pleas from teachers and educators to not cut benefits and salaries for teachers, we were all introduced to the newest update on a mandate handed down from the state requiring a curriculum change to comply with the new “Common Core Curriculum Standards Initiative.” Read More»

Maxwell: Goatman Steve Brown and some of his ‘pet’ projects

This summer Hollywood will provide us with another adventure of action hero Iron Man. This summer Peachtree City and Fayette County is also presented with its fourth adventure of Steve “Goat Man” Brown.

It is said that politics makes strange bedfellows. I am still shaking my head after I learned that two of the most despised and disgraced former politicians have formed an alliance to run Steve Brown against County Commissioner Jack Smith. How Steve Brown and Harold Bost ever paired up is an unknown to me. Read More»

Brown: If you want mass transit, vote for Smith, Maxwell

The issues in race for the two at-large county commission posts, to be decided at the July 20 primary election, are extremely clear. (Whoever wins the primary gets the commission seats as there are no Democratic challengers.) Read More»

Chairman Smith says one thing on transit, votes for another

Is anybody else concerned about the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde incumbents on the Fayette Board of Commissioners?

Jack Smith swore to us that he didn’t support mass transit in our pastoral county. Then we find The Citizen article, “Commission Chairman Smith explains his ‘Yes’ vote for mass transit in Fayette.”

Wait a minute, I thought Jack didn’t support mass transit.

Smith’s opponent, Steve Brown, looked up the records of the regional government meetings and found Smith voted in favor of a plan calling for transit buses in Fayette County. Read More»

Just ‘change’ the name and interview with Chairman Smith could be one with Obama

I was amazed when I read an interview with Commissioner Eric Maxwell. The title of the article was “Maxwell says policy of change will continue.”

What amazed me was that if you changed a few words, the article could have been from an interview with Barack Obama. Read More»

‘Ruby’ for Walgreens is not a good swap

Walgreens wants to tear down Ruby Tuesday? That’s one of my favorite restaurants: Great food, nice restaurant, nice-looking building.

And they want to put up a building three times that size? They will have to borrow parking space from Rite Aid.

Why not put Walgreens in the old Kroger space, across the street? They would have a lot more parking spaces. Read More»

McCarty: Will treat citizens with respect

My name is Allen McCarty and I’ve lived in Fayette County for 15 years. As a candidate for county commissioner, I feel the voters deserve to know exactly who I am and what I stand for.

I’m not a politician; I am a retired television engineer with experience primarily in management, broadcasting, and station construction. I’ve built TV stations from Atlanta to Salt Lake City, working very closely with all phases of government in the process. Read More»

Maxwell: Will fight MARTA ‘’til hell freezes over’

It appears to me that there are those who wish to distort the facts concerning the role that the current Fayette County Board of Commissioners has with current transportation issues. I write this letter to set the record straight and to address some of the misinformation that is being spread as a result of contested political races. Read More»

Run for the cure? How about racing to find the cause of cancer?

To start with, let me say I have had breast cancer. Thanks to a wonderful female doctor who found mine in time, I am still here 10 years later.

Now to my point of view that gives me a sick feeling in my stomach each and every year women get all worked up for the Susan G. Komen run for the CURE. Read More»