Letters to the Editor

Hey, big spender! You’re outdoing FDR

When the Democrats regained control of Congress in January 2007, they promised fiscal responsibility. They passed PayGo (pay-as-you-go) which requires Congress to find a way to pay for programs without raising taxes.

However, in their first year, they increased spending by $454 billion, raised taxes by $98 billion, and added an additional $356 billion to deficit spending. Read More»

1st, illegal hunting; now loose pit bulls

I have written you before about our neighbor who hunts on property where he has no permission to hunt. It doesn’t matter if it’s deer season or not, he hunts.

Well, the courts took care of that problem: he is on probation, can’t hunt anywhere, and can’t have guns on his property. All is well, you think. Not hardly!

Now he has two pit bulls that are running the neighborhood. I came home from cardiac rehab to find two pit bulls trying to tear down the fence to my chicken pen. I called animal protection [and] they caught one of the dogs and the other escaped. Read More»


I recently wrote a letter to the paper entitled “Westmoreland Right On Most Things, get government out of the way.”

In the printed version, it says (incorrectly) that government would have cut a trillion dollars from Medicare.

My letter said one-half-trillion. I just wanted it to be accurate.

John Currie

Peachtree City, Ga.

[The editor replies: The mistake was my editing error, and has been corrected in the online version.]

MHS and the anthem: No disrespect meant

I am writing in response to Carol Jensen-Linton’s recent article referencing the alleged poor behavior exhibited by McIntosh High School students during the singing of our National Anthem at the McIntosh/Starr’s Mill basketball game played on Feb. 2, 2010. I have a different opinion. Read More»

‘Home of the Chiefs’: Lighten up a little

My response to Carol Jensen-Linton’s letter (Feb. 10) regarding “McIntosh students dis our national anthem”: I did the exact same thing 30 years ago when I was in high school in Illinois.

We drowned out the last phrase with “... home of the ROCKETS!” Hopefully, high school students will still be showing their school spirit 30 years from now doing this exact same thing. Read More»

MHS kids are patriotic

All I can say after reading Carol Jensen-Linton’s opinion (Feb. 10) that McIntosh students dissed our national anthem is, “How dare you!”

Carol and I have been friends for over a decade, but I vehemently disagree with everything she said. Our national anthem was NOT desecrated by McIntosh students, nor do I believe the Starr’s Mill soloist is due an apology because she was taken aback by the McIntosh students’ spirited lyric change.

I’m a third-generation military veteran, having retired in 1998 after a 22-year active duty career as an intelligence officer. Read More»

Obama’s towering deficits: How can we justify that to our kids?

We just celebrated the birth of our first granddaughter. Amid the joy, I’m already thinking of how I’m going to attempt to explain some things to her – like how the government mortgaged away her future before she was even born.

In his recent state of the union address, Barack Obama stated “When times are tough, you don’t go buying a boat when you can barely pay your mortgage. You don’t blow a bunch of cash on Vegas when you are trying to save for college.” Read More»

Obama’s many missed opportunities

Instead of listening to the American people whose focus in 2009 was the economy and jobs, this president decided to spend his first year on healthcare. Because as he said, seven presidents have tried and failed in getting healthcare legislation passed and he was bound to make history and be the last.

Forget about the millions who lost jobs in 2009, he focused on what he wanted, and in return —

Missed an opportunity. Read More»

Cover student art exhibits better

I was very impressed by a recent gallery reception at Artworks on the Square in Fayetteville.

It was well-attended and included a student photography exhibit with cash awards for the top winners.

It is a shame that The Citizen missed such a great opportunity to cover this event and showcase the local arts community right here in our neighborhood. It is also great to see so much support for ongoing student art exhibits at this local level.

I encourage you to cover these events at Artworks on the Square in the future.

Melanie Bowen

Peachtree City, Ga. Read More»

Saving unborn children: Live lives that testify to God’s goodness

Abortion is a critical moral issue in our time. Previous generations have had to overcome the evils of slavery and segregation. The culture of death with abortion as its centerpiece is an evil that must be exposed, resisted, and defeated. On Jan. 22, 1973, the United States Supreme Court found the right to abortion on demand in the Constitution. It was an appalling decision which has led to an average of 1.6 million abortions annually. Read More»

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