Letters to the Editor

Whose shutdown is it? It belongs to us

It is not Obama’s shutdown; it is not the Tea Party’s shutdown. It is neither the Republicans’ shutdown nor the Democrats’ shutdown. It is our shutdown. Ours, as in “we the people.”

It is ours because we have allowed the national media — both liberal and conservative — to do our thinking for us.

It is ours because we accept as fact and as being important the anecdotes about who will and will not be “hurt” by the shutdown.

It is ours because we accept as fact pundits’ assertions about who is in control of the machinery of the shutdown. Read More»

Blame the tea party for ills of U.S., or stupid is as stupid does

Anarchists: That’s the label used by the leader of the U.S. Senate to describe a movement of peaceful citizens whose goal is to force the federal government leadership to review the document that every member of the Congress as well as the President took an oath to uphold, namely the Constitution.

This same “leader” lauded the Occupy Movement as healthy protest protected by that same document. The President and the Democratic House leadership joined in on that message of tolerance. Read More»

Where is right to extort?

A response to Mr. Aycock:

I am not sure what Article I, Section 8, Clause 12 of the Constitution has to do with my argument.

Defense is definitely a constitutionally mandated function of the federal government. That clause deals with spending money on the army in the year appropriated.

In the two centuries since the Constitution was written, technological progress has created a need to appropriate programs differently and over longer periods.

Just because one clause of the Constitution may need updating does not mean we should ignore the plain meaning of the rest. Read More»

Lentz: No longer support SPLOST

I have asked the Peachtree City Council to determine if the Core Infrastructure SPLOST is even legal and, if not, to take whatever action may be required, including a lawsuit, to take the issue off the November ballot. Please do not think I want to deny the citizenry the option of deciding the issue; I just don’t want to have an issue that is illegal on the ballot.

I’m not a lawyer; however, I do have a finely tuned sense of right and wrong. And, there are several things wrong with the SPLOST. Read More»

Brown: Answers to Lentz’s questions

Mr. Paul Lentz has written a series of letters to the editor related to the Core Infrastructure SPLOST, slated for the November ballot.

Many have had a difficult time following Mr. Lentz’s urgings, and the issues enumerated within those communications are scarce. Hence, to avoid any uncertainty, let’s spell out some concerns, permitting the voters to decide on their own. Read More»

You want to adhere to the Constitution? Then try this Clause 12 on for size

With his characteristic aplomb, Mr. Bill Gilmer pitched his grand scheme to return our country to Constitutional fundamentalism, thereby eliminating all fiscal problems.

Since the U.S. has progressed so little in past two centuries, why not take him up on it?

Applying Article I, Section 8, Clause 12 will abolish the standing army (not to mention an Air Force that is nowhere mentioned) and the attendant costs for this expensive budget line.

Who knew that fixing our debt problem could be so simple?

David Aycock

Fayetteville, Ga.

Are dog owners a threat to public?

While reading this article keep in mind that I like dogs. We don’t need more regulations or police involvement in issues with dogs.

With that in mind, what a strange question: Are dog owners a threat? I don’t think dogs are necessarily a threat, but I’m not so sure about dog owners, especially owners of large dogs.

I have noticed an increasing number of people in Fayette County carry a stick, pole, or even a club when going for a walk in their neighborhood. This may seem strange, but when I think back on my own experiences, I have been the victim of a number of dog attacks and bites. Read More»

Spirits are low among Starr’s Mill students

Senior year of high school: It is supposed to be a year for students to enjoy themselves and be able to have one last chance to create memories that will last a lifetime before having to grow up and go out into the real world.

A prime example of this would be the Spirit Week leading up to the homecoming football game. Sadly, members of the Starr’s Mill High School administration have taken the “spirit” out of Spirit Week. Read More»

Can we on the right wing agree on these core issues?

Our nation is headed for financial failure and a dark socialist hell in the near future if things remain the same.

The most effective way to make the reforms we need in public spending and policy is to form a broad-based fiscally conservative coalition on the national level that can wield power effectively. Read More»

New resident has new respect for PTC

I wanted to take a moment and thank all the people who helped me and my son during a recent medical emergency.

Labor Day weekend, I suffered an epileptic seizure while shopping at the Kedron Kroger. I was able to detect the imminent onset of the seizure but only had time to alert a sure-to-be shocked shopper in the aisle. My next memory was waking in the back of an ambulance. Read More»