Letters to the Editor

Here’s idea for BP: Use a giant concrete funnel

Day 71 ... The Plight of the Pelican ... The Mess in the Marshes ... The Tarring of the Turtles ... Have you sent your idea to stop the oil spill to BP yet? I have, but they never acknowledged receiving it, so, allow me to present it to you: Read More»

New grad praises F’ville Citizens’ Police Academy

I attended this 12-week class after seeing it advertised in The Citizen back in March. This was so amazing. I learned so much and I loved the hands-on interaction like shooting simulation and self-defense.

The top notch instructors at Fayetteville Police Department made each class session very interesting.

I would like to thank Chief [Steve] Heaton for allowing this valuable course to take place and Captain [Steve] Crawshaw for his overseeing of the course and his Oscar-winning performance each week.

What a valuable course and I would encourage everyone to sign up for it. Read More»

Smith is running out of bypass excuses; it’s developers, stupid

The incumbent commissioner Jack Smith is not going to run on his record of the last four years; that much is clear. Instead, he is trying his absolute best to paint an ugly picture of me, hoping you take the bait and forget about his dealings.

I am going to help the incumbent commissioner speed his task so that we can get on with a discussion of the issues that affect you as taxpayers the most. Read More»

Brown lacks ability to build good relationships with other officials

Among accomplishments of this county commission are empowering managers and directors to rapidly and efficiently deliver services and managing financial resources in these rough economic times. With passage of the new budget just last week, we have reduced the total county budget over seven million dollars and spent six million dollars less than the revenues received during those same three-plus years.

Savings were accomplished in four major areas: 1. Elimination of an insurance consultant and requiring proposals resulted in savings of near four hundred thousand dollars per year. Read More»

Todd: Developers may have driven schools’ locations

An earlier article in The Citizen may provide some clues as to why the current school building and land purchasing actions of the Fayette County School Board have resulted in such controversy. The most important part of the article was statements by the board chair about the role of developers in the community. Read More»

Fayette schools get high student marks

Recently, Ms. Gail Onesi offered us her assessment of our school board and its performance. While I believe that everyone has different opinions and priorities that influence them, it is also important to consider the facts. The Fayette County Schools are consistently at the top of any performance measure.

This week the annual system pass rates for the CRCT were published. Again, our Fayette schools bested all metro systems (including Cobb, and Cherokee) in every grade in every subject. Read More»

Smith: Brown’s record on display, as are signs on public rights of way

I’m Jack Smith, CPA, your county commissioner, asking for your vote in the July 20 primary. I discussed my record last week and referred you to the county annual reports for more details. I stand on that record, capped by a $6 million reduction in the county budget and a $5 million increase in cash reserves in just three years. Read More»

Brown: Smith votes for roads to nowhere, mass transit for Fayette

Incumbent Commissioner Jack Smith is getting very worried. People are not going to take accusations without supporting evidence anymore.

Hard-working people in Fayette County have watched as our county-level governments have built expensive schools (some empty, others around 60 percent empty) while they cut teachers’ pay and reduced the services. Read More»

Part 2 of ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’

Remember in November 2008 when Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said never let a good crisis go to waste? The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a crisis the Obama administration could have only dreamed of. Why?

The oil spill has given the liberals just the excuse they need to “starve this country of domestically produced oil.” The longer oil spills into the Gulf, the longer the president can use the crisis to gain support for his $1 trillion energy policy. Read More»

Smith ad untrue in many points

For the record, I want to say that County Commissioner Jack Smith’s bullet point in his newspaper piece about Steve Brown not being active in any civic efforts to better our community or metro Atlanta is not true. Anyone who knows Steve will tell you the same thing. Read More»