Letters to the Editor

4-way stop: No promises

I believe that I am the person who initiated the request for some accommodation to allow golf carts to cross Redwine Road at the Quarters/Birkdale intersection.

The presidents of the Whitewater Creek and Highgrove subdivisions have shared my interest in finding a way to meet this need.

After considerable discussion we all agreed that the most practical approach would be to install a four-way stop at the intersection. Read More»

Can we even believe Barlow?

After reading the article about Brown vs. Barlow I had to respond.

First, the article says, “Barlow contends if Brown wants to publish his title with such writings, he should get input from his fellow commissioners before sending them, or instead simply sign it in his individual role as ‘Fayette County Commissioner.’”

Since when does someone with a title have to ask others if he has permission to use it? Is this in the rules somewhere or is Mr. Barlow just making up things as he goes? Read More»

Barlow and schoolyard pettiness

Commissioner David Barlow has made his feelings known, in no uncertain terms, about Commission Chairman Steve Brown. However, he has failed to say that Steve Brown works longer and harder than any other commissioner on the board.

Chairman Brown works for this county no less than 10 to 14 hours each and every day.

He attends meetings throughout the region and state that the other commissioners could attend, but don’t. Mr. Brown regularly attends ARC, regional transportation, adjacent county meetings, etc. Read More»

What has Barlow accomplished?

After so many accomplishments by the 2013 County Commission, I was appalled at Commissioner Barlow’s irresponsible comments about the commission chairman in last week’s paper.

Citing a lack of leadership by the chairman is awfully rich coming from Mr. Barlow, who in my recollection hasn’t initiated, coordinated, and completed a single action of significance to Fayette County’s citizens. Read More»

Chairman Brown defends his position, freedom of speech

If you read the newspaper last week, you will know there was a unique expression of dissatisfaction with my performance as county commission chairman in 2013. A few people who know us wishes this could been settled behind the scenes, but it is what it is, and I really do not think it would have made much of a difference anyway.

The news media was informed my removal was necessary because I was only able to attend a few of the various Christmas parties held in different departments. That is certainly true as I did have schedule conflicts and work projects that got in the way. Read More»

Rep. Mabra: Bill will take away patients’ right to sue

As a state representative and an attorney, I have the unique privilege of representing Georgians at both the Capitol and in the courtroom.

And whether I am fighting to obtain justice for a client or advocating for Georgians’ rights under the Gold Dome, one thing remains constant: I always act in the best interest of those whom I have the honor of representing. Read More»

Year of change, cooperation

The year 2013 proved to be a time of governmental cooperation and change at the county.

The new Board of Commissioners began the year by settling a year-long legal dispute with the local cities over the distribution of the Local Option Sales Tax (LOST). All parties agreed the new formula was a fair compromise, saying the positive outcome was the result of the local governments making a concerted effort to cooperate with one another. Read More»

Thanks to PTC officers, EMTs

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Corporal Hughes of the Peachtree City Police Department for coming to the aid of our son after he recently had a golf cart accident.

Corporal Hughes was kind and compassionate to our son, who also suffered injuries in the crash.

We would further like to extend our thanks to the paramedics on duty from Station 83 in Peachtree City, who came to the aid of our son, as well. Read More»

Come enjoy a Xmas light show

A Dietz family Christmas invitation:

The Dietz family warmly invites you to come by our house in the Highgrove subdivision to enjoy the sights and sounds of Christmas.

With 36,000 dancing, flashing, and twinkling lights drawing 120-plus amps and connected to over half-a-mile of extension cords, you are sure to enjoy this year’s show.

The show runs nightly from 6-10 p.m. through Dec. 28.

On cold nights, you can listen in the comfort and warmth of your own car by tuning your FM stereo to 99.1, or you can come on your golf cart when the evenings are pleasant. Read More»

Williams errs about climate conclusions

Mr. Walter Williams’s column, “Our fragile planet?” in the December 14 & 15 edition of The Citizen was mostly factual — with one glaring inaccuracy. It was, as usual, well expressed. It was logical — until he drew an illogical conclusion and presented it with multiple logical fallacies.

First, I challenge his assertion that the 1815 eruption of the Tambora volcano “holds the record as the largest known volcanic eruption.” He left off a critical phrase: “in recent history.” Read More»

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