Letters to the Editor

Fayette’s fiscal proficiency earns triple-A credit rating

Our county staff revealed some exceptional news last Thursday. Standard and Poor’s has upgraded its rating on Fayette County’s general obligation bonds to the highest possible AAA rating.

Fayette County is now part of a very small group of elite counties in Georgia who are demonstrating outstanding fiscal accountability and proficiency to merit the significant upgrade in stature.

Clearly, entering this group of counties, one that can be counted on a single hand, is all the more amazing considering the deficit spending of past years and a stagnant revenue stream. Read More»

Reflection on Obama’s foreign policy ‘blunders’

Reading the various whining columns of the regular “struggling” prognosticators and certain right-wing commentators, one would think that this special country is in danger of immediate relegation to the dust heaps of history. Read More»

Brown: Thanks for support

I want to thank those citizens who took the time to vote and please know that I shall continue to give you my very best efforts on behalf of all citizens of Fayette County.

Special thanks goes to my family and my legion of campaign friends who helped me get my message across to the voting public. It was truly humbling to watch so many people give of their valuable time and financial resources to aid my reelection. Read More»

MOMS Club of F’ville thankful for generous givers

Sometimes reading the local news can make it seem as though Fayette County and the city of Fayetteville are in a period of contention, marked by an “Us vs. Them” mentality. I wanted to take a moment to relate the experiences I’ve had as a new(ish) resident to the county, which have demonstrated the very opposite.

I was pregnant with my first child when I moved to Fayetteville in 2007, and knew no one in the area. Without a support system, I found myself isolated and knew I needed to take action to prevent myself from sitting alone in the house every day with a newborn. Read More»

Help Southern Conservation Trust at ‘Farm to Table’

The Southern Conservation Trust’s annual Farm to Table event is scheduled for Thursday, June 19 at Minter’s Farm.

This is an amazing event, full of good food and good fun. It is SCT’s largest fund-raising event of the year. We are looking to add new sponsors this year to help us in our conservation and public recreation projects.

We have just completed our 20th year of environmental efforts in the Southern Arc. We have experienced rapid growth within the last five years and look toward even more growth in the next few years. Read More»

District voting for Democrats

I agree with Mr. Lowry’s statement that the real purpose of the NAACP lawsuit was not to address a racial concern.

Indeed the record before the court failed to demonstrate any racial discrimination. The real purpose of the lawsuit was to help liberal Democrat candidates get elected in Fayette County.

However, because a political party is not a “protected class,” the NAACP did the bidding for the Democrats by once again improperly and shamefully playing the race card. Read More»

King: In defense of Kim Learnard

Ms. Smithfield: A rebuttal.

Your assertion that it was [Councilwoman Kim] Learnard who is responsible for our council’s moment of silence is totally baseless.

In fact, it was my suggestion that we have this moment to allow all in attendance to quietly ask guidance of their deity prior to the Pledge of Allegiance.

I did this because I feel one’s religion is personal, and I see no need to display one’s religion over another.

If you’re looking to cast blame, I’m your target. To date, council has received only one public comment on the change and it was to thank us. Read More»

Credit card breaches seem on the increase

My **** credit card was compromised when someone “skimmed” the information on the magnetic strip. On March 28, someone used that information to make an $800 purchase at an electronics store in Greenville, S.C.

My bank caught that, cancelled the card, refunded the bogus credit, and issued me a new card.

The new card was compromised less than three weeks later. Someone made a $1.50 purchase at a vending machine in Sioux Falls, S.D. My bank caught the bogus charge and cancelled the card. Read More»

Comcast needs competition

This past week has been frustrating on so many levels I felt the need to share.

Beginning this past Sunday (May 4), my Comcast cable, Internet, and phone service went out. When I reported the problem, the call center said there was an outage in my area and to periodically check “My Account” for updates.

When I explained I had no service and could not connect, they pretty much threw their hands up in the air. Read More»

Lowry: District vote ruling was not racial

It is amazing that the issue of district voting versus at-large voting has so divided the citizens of Fayette County.

All one has to do is read the comments to my letter to you in the April 30 edition of The Citizen to see this divide.

A lot of this division is perhaps due to the way your newspaper reports this as a “racial issue.”

I’m sure that you know that using “race” as the primary basis for the way you report on the issue, makes The Citizen [to be] the Fox News, Wall Street Journal and the New York Post of Fayette County. Read More»

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