Letters to the Editor

A cartoon view of science is not funny

The editorial cartoon (“What’s the long-term forecast?” versus what will be the weekend weather) in the Nov. 2-3 weekend edition of The Citizen is neither funny nor satirical.

It is an expression of ignorance about the difference between climate and weather. It is an expression of the anti-science and, indeed, anti-enlightenment attitude that seems to pervade our national leadership and too many of the rest of us. Read More»

Reader spooked by paper’s Halloween link to sex offenders

I am responding to The Citizen vol. 21, No. 1,008 from Wednesday, Oct 30.

I love Halloween. Autumn has always been my favorite season, and Halloween was always the grand finale for me as a kid.

Being at the age where I am too old to partake in the Halloween festivities that children enjoy, yet not having kids of my own to take trick-or-treating, my Halloweens these days are little more than a night-long marathon of scary movies. Nonetheless, I still look forward to Oct. 31 like I did when I was young. Read More»

PTC’s outstanding library, staff deserve some praise

A public letter of praise from me to the staff of the Peachtree City Public Library is long overdue.

Since our daughter was about 3, our family has taken her to the library. Now, at age 5, when she hears that we are going to the library, her excitement level rates about the same as if we said we were taking her out for yogurt at TCBY.

The staff has worked hard to create a kid-friendly environment, stock the shelves with nourishing, fun brain food, and consistently been just as friendly as can be to me and my little learner during our visits. Read More»

Westmoreland needs fresh ideas

I’m a conservative and have voted and contributed to GOP candidates since the mid-1970s; heck, I even voted for Hal Suit for governor in 1970.

That said, I’m extremely disappointed in our local Republican congressman, Lynn Westmoreland. Together with other Tea Partiers, he chose to follow a wrong-headed strategy that put this nation at grave economic risk. Read More»

Nixon and Obama

Remember when they said of Richard Nixon, “Would you buy a used car from this man?”

“You don’t have to change your current doctor.”

“If you like your plan, you can keep it.”

“Premiums will go down $2,500 per family.”

Frank Pepper
Fayetteville, Ga.

Neighbors oppose Grady plan for ‘apartment community’

I have attended every open city meeting about the proposed development on Grady Avenue since early last year. The meeting Oct. 17 was especially frustrating.

The developer has, once again, tried to appease the opposition to his plan by saying he will make “changes” to the plan.

The community opposition to his plan is the apartments he wants to put in. None of his “revised” plans, however, have eliminated apartments. Read More»

You can trust this group with SPLOST

Nice to finally know what’s going on.

It has been fascinating to watch the difference ten months can make. A majority of the Fayette County Board of Commissioners in 2012 were secretive and cantankerous.

The band, made up of Herb Frady, Robert Horgan and Lee Hearn, were combative and worked almost exclusively outside of the will of Fayette County’s citizens. The new 2013 team of commissioners have been a breath of fresh air. Read More»

Southern Conservation Trust favors SPLOST passage

Southern Conservation Trust (SCT) urges voters to carefully consider the core stormwater infrastructure SPLOST on the November election ballot.

The SPLOST referendum would authorize funding for key projects to help preserve the natural condition of lands in Fayette County as well as help address low flow issues in the Flint River Basin.

At the heart of our SCT mission is conserving land and conserving water quality and quantity goes hand-in-hand with the mission. Ensuring each of us, as well as future generations, have affordable, clean and adequate water supplies is crucial. Read More»

Environmentalist Chase says vote no against this SPLOST

For months, I have attempted to learn just what Fayette County intends to do on each of the 181 projects on their SPLOST list.

But no matter what I have said or written, the responses have invariably been about funding those projects.

No matter how much time I have spent reviewing files or how many of the sites I have visited, I could not obtain anything near an understandable plan. I do not believe any of our commissioners know either.

If you are willing to accept unsubstantiated proclamations that they really need our money, then I guess you will vote to increase taxes. Read More»

Brown answers concerns about SPLOST being a double tax for cities

There is some speculation in Peachtree City lately that passage of the Core Infrastructure SPLOST means that Peachtree City taxpayers would be double-taxed for stormwater since they pay a utility fee as well. I truly appreciate my neighbors in Peachtree City contacting me and asking these types of questions.

Unfortunately, the city government has not sufficiently spread the word that the city’s portion of the sales tax proceeds is going toward road and multi-use path maintenance which they urgently need. Many thought the city’s projects were stormwater related like the county’s list. Read More»

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