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Global warming zealots’ first problem: I like it warm

I would like to disagree with Mr. Paul Lentz on several things on global warming. The reason they changed it to climate change is when the left starts getting pushed back from whatever they are pushing, then they change the name to camouflage their agenda.

I noticed Mr. Lentz used the words “arctic vortex” which is an old term in weather circles, and it was used to scare the people . It probably started from the Weather Channel; they like to scare people. I would like to say up front I like warm weather. Read More»

Ga. hospitals say thanks to Gov. Deal

On behalf of all 170 hospitals across Georgia, I want to express appreciation to Governor Deal for his steadfast resolve and determination to ensure the safety and welfare of hospital patients and caregivers during last week’s icy road traffic jam.

His office proactively reached out to me early in the afternoon of the first day to ask if any of Georgia’s hospitals needed help with road access to the emergency room.

Thankfully, our Emergency Preparedness Center reported that all was reasonably accessible. Read More»

Outrageous regulations — 1 expensive cat house

The Citizen this week begins an occasional demonstration that, despite being “closer” to the average citizen, local government can be as nonsensical and overbearing as the federal government.

Email your personal run-in with local or state government to editor@TheCitizen.com. We’ll print it and post on our website for the world to witness that “local” doesn’t necessarily mean “smaller” or “smarter.” In fact, local regulation can mean “dumb and dumber.”

Herewith, an example:

PTC cat house gets expensive Read More»

Jones: It is ‘evil’ to oppose diversity

I write this letter in response to a recent article asking the question, “Are diversity and inclusion important?”

Honestly, the answer really depends on which side of the color line you are on. So being a Colored, Negro, Black, African American, my answer has to be a resounding YES! Why? Read More»

PTC pay raise: It’s all in how it’s done

I have a different take on the City Council’s pay raise idea, versus the letter to the editor last week.

To start with, perhaps councilmen King and Imker need to read the fine print more closely, as to exactly what an elected position pays, before they choose to run for said position.

You both stress that you don’t need the money, and the current pay is hardly worth your time. Who forced you to run? Read More»

Feds and state real culprits in regulation aggravation

I read with great enthusiasm Mr. Bill Gilmer’s letter to the editor entitled “Too many federal rules? Local regs just as bad.” I think it is wonderful when our citizenry takes a serious look at what government is really doing.

The only way to bring change in government is to become an active, motivated citizen.

Mr. Gilmer made some really good points. Still, I want to clarify the source of his aggravation on the points he raised. Read More»

Support abortion? Here’s how it’s done

This month, the so-called “enlightened progressives” celebrate their 1973 Supreme Court ruling to legally kill unwanted or inconvenient unborn babies for “quality of life” reasons.

Those who believe in the dignity of all human life will be protesting against this terrible Supreme Court ruling. By denying personhood status to unborn babies, the Supreme Court legalized the killing of innocent human beings for quality of life reasons.

Here are the abortionists’ horribly “cruel and unusual” procedures for killing unborn babies that the Supreme Court legalized: Read More»

You and our national debt: A picture

The recent passage of a $1.1 trillion omnibus bill now sets the stage for the looming battle over raising the national debt (again).

The national debt is now over $17 trillion (which looks like $17,000,000,000,000), and growing. The passage of the recent omnibus signals yet another failure of our Congress to set and implement a responsible fiscal policy, and the executive to timely provide its reasonable operating expenses for the coming fiscal year. Read More»

Income inequality: It’s not so simple

Walter Williams offered a simple analysis of income inequality in last Wednesday’s Citizen incorporating an analogy of “poker justice” to elucidate the variance in wealth accumulation.

He noted that in a non-cheating game, the poker prowess of Tom over Dick and Harry was easily explained by Tom’s industriousness compared to the indolent efforts of his fellow players. This simply explicates why Tom should never share his financial rewards with Dick or Harry. Read More»

Too many federal rules? Local regs just as bad

I am sick and tired of being told what to do by bureaucrats who have no business or right to stick their nose into my business. I am sure many others have the same issue with government.

Everyone talks about Obamacare and all the bad federal attacks on our basic freedom. Freedom to do what we want as long as we don’t hurt others is the basis of our country. But have you considered our local regulatory environment? Read More»

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