Letters to the Editor

In at-large voting, ‘I had 0/5ths vote’

In response to Mr. Mike Mahoney’s claim to have lost four-fifths of his vote, I say I am so sorry for your loss. It must be terrible to lose four-fifths of your vote so we both can equally have one vote for our county commission and school board.

Ironically, the Voting Rights Act was passed 50 years ago because elections had been “rigged” in favor of white candidates for centuries. District voting is an appropriate remedy for government to be inclusive rather than exclusive. Isn’t that fair? Read More»

Ga. Baptists stand with Atl. Fire Chief Cochran

The Georgia Baptist Convention (GBC) is calling on the Christian community to “stand up for biblical principles and fellow believers who are punished or marginalized for their faith.”

The Duluth agency, which represents 1.4-million members statewide, felt called to respond to the recent 30-day suspension of Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran by Mayor Kasim Reed. The statement was issued by the GBC’s Public Affairs Committee on Dec. 9. Read More»

PTC boy, 12, examines what makes the holidays special

My name is Archie Chaudhury and I am 12 years old. I live in Atlanta, U.S., and currently studying in Grade 7 at Booth Middle School. I have written an article about my thoughts on the holiday season and request you to consider and publish in any corner of your newspaper. I want to share my thoughts with all kids of Peachtree City. Read More»

Keep investigating water odor complaints

My sincere gratitude to County Commission Chair Steve Brown and to Fayette County Water System Supt. Lee Pope for their positive attitudes and prompt actions during the recent “smelly water” episodes.

The frequent incidents of contamination of our water are of critical concern to every single one of us and deserve our very best efforts at monitoring and control — especially since there is rapidly increasing demand on an already overstrained system.

We must make sure that our analytical efforts include application of the fine arts of sampling, open-minded persistence and replication. Read More»

Without politics, Obama is empty golf shorts

Who didn’t see this coming? Two New York police officers murdered in their car in cold blood? Just last week “Rev” Al Sharpton protesters were chanting, “What do we want? Dead cops.”

How has it come to this? We elected a community organizer to be President. Not a leader or a patriot. A community organizer! One who has done everything in his power to divide us. Cops vs citizens. Doctors vs. patients. Haves vs. have nots. Etc.

Now that he has been reelected and the 2014 elections have passed he believes he may do whatever he wants. Read More»

Vandals extinguish Xmas decorations

For years the kind people who live on 206 Raintree Bend have been putting out their inflatable yard decorations to the delight of many, including my family. My daughter is 7 and cannot recall a Christmas without seeing the inflatables in their yard.

Although we no longer live in the neighborhood, we have family that does. We look forward to seeing the decorations every year, as usually a new one is added each year — Winnie the Pooh, Mickey and Minnie, even Yoda. We were so excited to see them out last week. Read More»

What are high-profile black athletes implying?

So, when these high-profile black athletes make a public show of solidarity with their arrested black brothers, I thought, “It’s good to see them taking a visible stand against our nation’s acceptance of black children growing up in worlds of fear and violence where they learn to disrespect society and the law.”

But what if these athletes are just basically doing the same as so many gutless black “leaders,” especially the President, implying that police brutality is the painfully real underlying issue here? Read More»

Fayette, don’t penalize helpful pulpwooders

I would like to speak up on behalf of pulpwood loggers, an occupation which has come under attack in Fayette County recently. Although I work for FEMA, I must say these views are my own, and not a position of my employer.

My wife’s and my experiences with pulpwood loggers has been positive. In July 2005 a tornado from Tropical Storm Cindy passed through our neighborhood and downed a great number of trees (including four on our house) as well as several utility poles. Read More»

Commissioner Brown gives thanks for Fayette County

Living in Fayette County gives me many reasons to be thankful this [holiday season]. Sales tax revenues are increasing and home values have begun inching their way back up. Additionally, the county’s finances are in order and infrastructure maintenance issues are being addressed.

Our crime rate is low and our quality of life remains high.

Fayette County has an incredibly deep pool of human capital which is what keeps us at the top of heap, something that makes every elected official in the county thankful.

The most important things in my personal life I picked up after age 30. Read More»

Haddix: Brown should have stopped Barlow

You cannot avoid politics and religion. It is impossible because everyone believes in something.

By definition and per the Supreme Court, even atheism is a religion.

Everyone has a political position. On donhaddix.com I talk about Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Tea Parties.

The controversy involving Commissioner David Barlow and Chairman Steve Brown involves both.

The two county newspapers, including the blog of one, have covered the statements by Barlow attacking Democrats at the commission meeting as well as the NAACP on Facebook. They also contain Brown’s comments. Read More»

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