Bad governing has local addresses

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Since there are plenty of words about gun control this week available nearby, I will postpone Part 2 of my attempt at logic, “Guns and governing philosophy” for another week. (Is that cheering I hear?)

This week, I need to do some catching up on local issues.

First off, despite a painful exchange at a City Council meeting this month, Peachtree City has settled into an uneasy peace, pending mayoral candidate jousts sure to be forthcoming.

I want to bring back to your attention a matter of some constitutional import, since that notion seems much in the news these days. Read More»

Editorial cartoon for Jan. 30, 2013

Editorial cartoon for Jan. 30, 2013

Editorial cartoon by Chip Bok for The Citizen, Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2013

Editorial cartoon by Glenn McCoy — Jan. 30., 2013

Editorial cartoon by Glenn McCoy.

Editorial cartoon for The Citizen by Glenn McCoy for Jan. 30, 2013.

What you don’t know about militias

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There is a lot of talk today about reviving the idea from a few decades ago to ban some of the guns held by U.S. citizens. Remember those days in the ’70s and ’80s? Gun control became a hot-button political topic, complete with rants from the left and accompanying news stories from their faithful minions in the media. But the push withered away. A few decades later, it’s back. Read More»

13 years later, another Christmas

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The opinion reprinted below first appeared in The Citizen Christmas week, 1999.

In the year of our Lord 19 hundred and 99 ...

Many cultural commentators argue that the United States has entered the post-Christian era, and many applaud that transition as a desirable change in an increasingly multicultural society with diverse religious viewpoints. Read More»

Snowbound in Ohio

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I have lived in Georgia since 1959, first in Forest Park for six years and for 46 years in Fayetteville. The 27 years before that were spent in Akron, Ohio, about 50 miles due south of Cleveland.

From November through March, snow was always a factor of daily life in those months. Read More»

26 dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School

26 dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School

"26 dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School" — Editorial cartoon by Chip Bok. ©2012 Creators Syndicate

Christmas in Akron — Wartime memories

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My dad was raised on a farm in southeast Ohio. His bunk was in the eaves of a farm house and, needless to say, was very cold. He got used to five or six blankets on top of him, and even in later years when given an electric blanket still preferred five or six blankets.

Books were very important to him, with games taking second place. This passed on to my sister, who was two years younger, and me. We enjoyed reading and playing games whether with the family or with friends who might drop by. Read More»

Yes to photo voter ID

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Let’s say you are going through an intersection and have the green light. I plow through that intersection on a red light and hit your vehicle. What are the first two things you and the police will want to see? And if I don’t have those two things, you will sue me. Yep, a driver’s license and an insurance card.

From birth to death, we must have various certificates and IDs throughout our entire lives.

We don’t live in small villages anymore, where everyone knows everyone else and we are there our entire lives and we know who can be trusted and who can’t. Read More»

Picture of a poor childhood

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A picture — even one old that has faded from black and white to soft gray — can a tell a story, long and true. That one certainly did.

It was made somewhere in the late 1920s and showed three children, ragamuffins really, who did not have the happiness that most children show in photos today. Read More»

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